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#1Alwyn Fernandes (UEA: University of East Anglia)H-Index: 13
#2Walter Vetter (University of Hohenheim)H-Index: 48
Last. Kerstin Krätschmer (EU: European Union)H-Index: 5
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Abstract null null The determination of chlorinated paraffins (CPs) has posed an intractable challenge in analytical chemistry for over three decades. The combination of an as yet unspecifiable number (tens - hundreds of thousands) of individual congeners in mass produced commercial CP mixtures and the steric interactions between them, contrive to defy efforts to characterise their residual occurrences in environmental compartments, food and human tissues. However, recent advances in instrumenta...
#1JianSong Gan (CUMT: China University of Mining and Technology)
#2XiaoBing Li (CUMT: China University of Mining and Technology)
Last. Hafiz M.N. Iqbal (Tec: Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education)H-Index: 63
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Abstract null null Covalent organic frameworks (COFs) are an emergent group of crystalline porous materials that have gained incredible interest in recent years. With foreseeable controllable functionalities and structural configurations, the constructions and catalytic properties of these organic polymeric materials can be controlled to fabricate targeted materials. The specified monomer linkers and pre-designed architecture of COFs facilitate the post-synthetic modifications for introducing no...
#1Syed Abdul Rehman Khan (Xuzhou Institute of Technology)H-Index: 27
#2Pablo PonceH-Index: 8
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Abstract null null Water is the vital liquid for human subsistence and is used as a resource in various production processes. However, the degradation of the environment is being reflected in the water resources of the planet. One of the leading causes of water pollution is ineffective wastewater treatment, which results in greywater being returned to the environment without having gone through a decontamination process. Ideally, wastewater should have the lowest concentration of polluting mater...
Last. Aleksej Žarkov (Vilnius University)H-Index: 1
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Abstract null null In October 2019, a fire occurred in a tire-recycling facility in Alytus (Lithuania), where around 5000 t of tires had been stored. Only after 10 days was the fire completely extinguished, and the potential contamination of the surrounding environment has raised a large public concern. With an aim to assess the pollution level and pollutants distribution in the surrounding area, we conducted a study on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and heavy metals. High concentration...
#1Yasser VasseghianH-Index: 17
#2Elena-Niculina Dragoi (Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department)
Last. Van Thuan Le (Duy Tan University)H-Index: 10
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Abstract null null Due to its cytotoxic effect, metronidazole (MNZ) is a drug commonly used to treat bacterial, protozoal, and microaerophilic bacterial infections. After consumption, it undergoes a series of metamorphic reactions that lead to the degradation of oxidized, acetylated, and hydrolyzed metabolites in the environment. To eliminate such pollutants, due to their high potential, adsorption and photocatalysis extensive processes are used in which graphene can be used to improve efficienc...
#1Xu Ziyang (SCUT: South China University of Technology)
#2Shengpeng Mo (SCUT: South China University of Technology)H-Index: 17
Last. Daiqi Ye (SCUT: South China University of Technology)H-Index: 38
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Abstract null null The problem of deep oxidation of low concentrations of VOCs in industrial tail gas is exceptionally urgent. The preparation of VOCs ozonation catalyst with a high mineralization rate is still a challenge. In this paper, manganese oxide carriers with different morphologies were synthesized by simple methods and used to catalyze ozone mineralization of toluene after loading Pt nanoparticles efficiently. The conversion of toluene over Pt/MnOx-T catalyst was more than 98 % at ambi...
#1Bingxiang Yuan (GDUT: Guangdong University of Technology)H-Index: 1
#2Zihao Li (GDUT: Guangdong University of Technology)H-Index: 1
Last. Jin Zhao (GDUT: Guangdong University of Technology)
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Abstract null null Glass fiber and liquid-modified polyvinyl alcohol polymer (SH Polymer) are used to reinforce granite residual soil. In this paper, scanning electron microscopy (SEM) tests and drop-weight tests were used to study the microscopic interaction mechanism and impact resistance of granite residual soil specimens reinforced by glass fiber and SH Polymer. Combined with the equivalent confining pressure theory, Mohr-Coulomb intensity lines were used to quantitatively analyze the reinfo...
#1Najmul Haque Barbhuiya (IITB: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)H-Index: 1
#2Utkarsh Misra (IITB: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)
Last. Swatantra Pratap Singh (IITB: Indian Institute of Technology Bombay)H-Index: 13
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Abstract null null Over the last few years, the list of water contaminants has grown tremendously due to many anthropogenic activities. Various conventional technologies are available for water and wastewater treatment. However, micropollutants of emerging concern (MEC) are posing a great threat due to their activity at trace concentration and poor removal efficiency by the conventional treatment processes. Advanced technology like membrane technology can remove MEC to some extent. However, issu...
#1Weiwei Xiao (CSU: Central South University)
#2Guobing Lin (CSU: Central South University)
Last. Lin Wang (CSU: Central South University)H-Index: 15
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Soil samples were collected from a representative arsenic (As) contaminated region under phytoremediation of hyperaccumulation plants. Relative abundance and diversity of microbial communities in the soil samples were characterized via 16S rRNA genes sequencing. At the phylum level, Proteobacteria, Actinobacteria, Acidobacteria, Bacteroidetes, Gemmatimonadetes and Firmicutes shows the highest abundance, accounting for more than 90 % of the classified sequences in the soil samples. Physicochemica...
#1Yu-Min Duan (Virginia Tech College of Natural Resources and Environment)
#2Linsen Zhang (NWAFU: Northwest A&F University)H-Index: 1
Last. Huike Li (Virginia Tech College of Natural Resources and Environment)H-Index: 6
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Abstract null null Based on the sustainable development practice-zero growth in chemical fertilizer application, this article used bagasse organic fertilizer and rice husk derived biochar to investigate the response of soil bacterial community in apple orchard. Aimed at realize the soil quality improvement and biomass resource recovery to contribute agricultural and environmental sustainability. The co-trophic Proteobacteria was predominant in all the treatments (29–36 %) and enriched in non-nit...
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