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Historically, Micrococcus luteus was one of the first organisms used to study natural transformation, one of the main routes of horizontal gene transfer among prokaryotes. However, little is known about the molecular basis of competence development in M. luteus or any other representative of the phylum of high-GC Gram-positive bacteria (Actinobacteria), while this means of genetic exchange has been studied in great detail in Gram-negative and low-GC Gram-positive bacteria (Firmicutes). In order ...
At present, the great challenge in human genetics is to provide significance to the growing amount of human disease-associated gene variants identified by next generation DNA sequencing technologies. Increasing evidences suggest that model organisms are of pivotal importance to addressing this issue. Due to its genetic tractability, the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae represents a valuable model organism for understanding human genetic variability. In the present review, we show how S. cerevisiae...
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Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) drug resistance (HIVDR) is widespread in sub-Saharan Africa. Children and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable, and laboratory testing capacity remains limited. We, therefore, used a cross-sectional design and convenience sampling to characterize HIV subtypes and resistance-associated mutations (RAMs) in these groups in Sierra Leone. In total, 96 children (age 2–9 years, 100% ART-experienced), 47 adolescents (age 10–18 years, 100% ART-experienced), and 54...
Viruses and viral components have been shown to manipulate the expression of host microRNAs (miRNAs) to their advantage, and in some cases to play essential roles in cancer pathogenesis. Burkitt lymphoma (BL), a highly aggressive B-cell derived cancer, is significantly over-represented among people infected with HIV. This study adds to accumulating evidence demonstrating that the virus plays a direct role in promoting oncogenesis. A custom miRNA PCR was used to identify 32 miRNAs that were diffe...
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The centromere is a fundamental chromosome structure in which the macro-molecular kinetochore assembles and is bound by spindle microtubules, allowing the segregation of sister chromatids during mitosis. Any alterations in kinetochore assembly or functioning or kinetochore–microtubule attachments jeopardize chromosome stability, leading to aneuploidy, a common feature of cancer cells. The spindle assembly checkpoint (SAC) supervises this process, ensuring a faithful segregation of chromosomes....
The POLQ gene encodes DNA polymerase θ, a 2590 amino acid protein product harboring DNA-dependent ATPase, template-dependent DNA polymerase, dNTP-dependent endonuclease, and 5′–dRP lyase functions. Polymerase θ participates at an essential step of a DNA double-strand break repair pathway able to join 5′-resected substrates by locating and pairing microhomologies present in 3′-overhanging single-stranded tails, cleaving the extraneous 3′-DNA by dNTP-dependent end-processing, before extending the ...
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In a litter of Turkish Van cats, three out of six kittens developed severe signs of skin disease, diarrhea, and systemic signs of stunted growth at 6 weeks of age. Massive secondary infections of the skin lesions evolved. Histopathological examinations showed a mild to moderate hyperplastic epidermis, covered by a thick layer of laminar to compact, mostly parakeratotic keratin. The dermis was infiltrated with moderate amounts of lymphocytes and plasma cells. Due to the severity of the clinical s...
The calcium/calcineurin signalling pathway is required for cell survival under various environmental stresses. Using Saccharomyces cerevisiae, we explored the mechanism underlying calcium-regulated homeostasis of intracellular reactive oxygen species (ROS). We found that deletion of acyltransferase Akr1 and C-5 sterol desaturase Erg3 increased the intracellular ROS levels and cell death, and this could be inhibited by the addition of calcium. The hexose transporter Hxt1 and the amino acid permea...
Retinoblastoma (RB) is an ocular tumor of the pediatric age caused by biallelic inactivation of the RB1 gene (13q14). About 10% of cases are due to gross-sized molecular deletions. The deletions can involve the surrounding genes delineating a contiguous gene syndrome characterized by RB, developmental anomalies, and peculiar facial dysmorphisms. Overlapping deletions previously found by traditional and/or molecular cytogenetic analysis allowed to define some critical regions for intellectual dis...
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Neurofibromatosis type 1, characterized by neurofibromas and cafe-au-lait macules, is one of the most common genetic disorders caused by pathogenic NF1 variants. Because of the high proportion of splicing mutations in NF1, identifying variants that alter splicing may be an essential issue for laboratories. Here, we investigated the sensitivity and specificity of SpliceAI, a recently introduced in silico splicing prediction algorithm in conjunction with other in silico tools. We evaluated 285 NF1...
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