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#1Ramir Ristić (University of Osijek)H-Index: 11
#2Ignacio A. Figueroa (UNAM: National Autonomous University of Mexico)H-Index: 14
Last. Emil BabićH-Index: 21
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#1Rodrigo Guedas (UPM: Technical University of Madrid)H-Index: 1
#2Victor Raposo (University of Salamanca)H-Index: 13
Last. José L. Prieto (UPM: Technical University of Madrid)H-Index: 18
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#1Guonan Feng (USTB: University of Science and Technology Beijing)H-Index: 3
#2Xi Chen (NUST: Nanjing University of Science and Technology)
Last. Guanghua Yu (USTB: University of Science and Technology Beijing)H-Index: 14
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#1Guentae Doh (KAIST: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)H-Index: 2
#2Jaehong Park (KAIST: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
Last. Wonho Choe (KAIST: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)H-Index: 35
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The interplay of stress, disorder, and Coulomb screening dictating the mobility of doped cadmium oxide (CdO) is examined using Raman spectroscopy to identify the mechanisms driving dopant incorporation and scattering within this emerging infrared optical material. Specifically, multi-wavelength Raman and UV-vis spectroscopies are combined with electrical Hall measurements on a series of yttrium (X = Y) and indium (X = In) doped X:CdO thin-films. Hall measurements confirm n-type doping and establ...
For acoustic softening of solid materials, it has been suggested that the enhancement of dislocation motion by ultrasonic irradiation plays some role. In order to study the role of dislocations in ultrasound-assisted sintering of silver nanoparticles, numerical simulations are performed using a model developed from the solid-state sintering model by Kraft and Riedel coupled with the models of evolution of mobile and immobile dislocations and that of vacancies. It has been clarified that the most...
#2R. SainidouH-Index: 17
Last. Bruno MorvanH-Index: 18
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A variety of multidispersive, localized, or extended in frequency, bands, induced by inductance-based external electric circuits in piezoelectric phononic plates, is studied both theoretically and experimentally in this work. Their origin, tightly related to an equivalent LC-circuit behavior, is analyzed in detail and their interaction with the Lamb-like guided modes of the plate is also discussed. These bands, easily tuned by the choice of the parameters of the external electric circuitry, lead...
#1Yu ShiratsuchiH-Index: 14
#2Yiran TaoH-Index: 1
Last. Ryoichi NakataniH-Index: 22
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The magnetization of a nanosized magnet, such as an ultrathin film, thermally fluctuates and can become superparamagnetic. In ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic thin films, superparamagnetism can be suppressed in accordance with antiferromagnetic ordering. The exchange bias can also be induced at the ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic interface, and it is nontrivial whether the superparamagnetic blocking temperature (TB_SPM) can match either the onset temperature of the exchange bias (TB_EB) or the Ne...
In the present study, structural and compositional analyses of reactive ion beam sputter deposited aluminum nitride (AlN) thin film of thickness 100 A are carried out using x-ray reflectivity and x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy techniques. Soft x-ray optical response of the film is derived from energy dependent soft x-ray reflectivity measurements performed in photon energy region of 380–1700 eV. Optical constants (δ and β) obtained from the reflectivity spectra show features corresponding to a...
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