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#1Nariê Rinke Dias de Souza (State University of Campinas)H-Index: 2
#2Tassia L. Junqueira (State University of Campinas)H-Index: 16
Last. Otávio Cavalett (State University of Campinas)H-Index: 27
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Abstract null null Bioenergy is seen as a key option to meet future energy demands and mitigate climate impacts. However, large-scale deployment of bioenergy can cause an additional pressure over land resources and correspondent sustainability impacts. Enhanced land management practices are fundamental to intensify land-based outputs under different climate mitigation scenarios. Bioenergy-livestock integration (BLI) is a win-win strategy to climate mitigation while ensuring food and fibers deman...
#1Xiaoshuai Han (NFU: Nanjing Forestry University)H-Index: 1
#2Linhu Ding (NFU: Nanjing Forestry University)H-Index: 1
Last. Shaohua Jiang (NFU: Nanjing Forestry University)H-Index: 39
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Abstract null null Natural fibers are an ideal choice for fabricating advanced functional materials. In this study, novel ultrastrong and tough natural cellulosic fiber bundles (RFs) extracted from vascular tissues of manau rattan stems were obtained. The physical, mechanical, chemical, thermal, crystallographic, and morphological characteristics of RFs with different diameters were analyzed. The chemical composition analysis showed that more cellulose and less lignin existed in thinner RFs. Sca...
#1Xuechao Liu (SWU: Southwest University)H-Index: 1
#2Yueli Tang (SWU: Southwest University)
Last. Xiaozhong Lan (SWU: Southwest University)H-Index: 14
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Abstract null null Rhodiola crenulata is a traditional Tibetan medicinal plant mainly distributed in high altitude areas of Tibet. As the main extract of R. crenulata, salidroside has important medicinal activities in enhancing the body’s immunity and resisting microwave radiation by influencing cell metabolism. Tyrosine is the starting amino acid precursor for salidroside biosynthesis. As an aromatic amino acid, tyrosine participates not only in salidroside biosynthesis, but also in other metab...
#1Piyush I. Modi (SVNIT: Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat)H-Index: 1
#2Jigisha Parikh (SVNIT: Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat)H-Index: 23
Last. Meghal A. Desai (SVNIT: Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology, Surat)H-Index: 12
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Abstract null null The essential oil from cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum L.) bark was effectively isolated using microwave radiation. Effective parameters such as extraction period, solid loading, soaking time, volume of water and microwave power were examined individually to study the impact on extraction of cinnamon oil and its major component, cinnamaldehyde (CA). Scrutinized factors were then optimized by the Taguchi based design of experiment which would provide the highest possible recove...
#1Jing Zhang (Zhengzhou University)
Last. Feng Lu (Zhengzhou University)H-Index: 4
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Abstract null null Apical dominance inhibition is important in cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) production due to its indeterminate growth habit. Apical dominance can be inhibited physically by the manual removal of apical buds or chemically by the application of plant growth regulators. However, knowledge of the yield and boll distribution of cotton under different methods of apical dominance inhibition remains limited. Thus, an experiment was conducted to evaluate the effects of different method...
#1Bhawana Mishra (Central University of Himachal Pradesh)
#2Muktesh Chandra (Department of Biotechnology)
Last. Deepak Pant (Central University of Himachal Pradesh)H-Index: 12
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#2Eelis Halmemies (University of Jyväskylä)H-Index: 2
Last. Hanna BrännströmH-Index: 2
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Abstract null null Norway spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) bark contains marked amounts of polyphenolic compounds. Condensed tannins (CTs) and stilbenes show commercial potential as antioxidants, antimicrobials, preservatives in food and cosmetic applications, technochemical products, and pharmaceuticals. Storing of bark before the conversion process leads to substantial losses of extractives compounds. In the present study, the potential of thermal drying for maintaining extractives content was...
#1Jiansong Chen (Kangwon National University)
#2Liangliang An (Kangwon National University)H-Index: 2
Last. Yong Sik Kim (Kangwon National University)H-Index: 5
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Abstract null null Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) exhibit broad spectrum antibacterial effect, but their cores after use can persist in the environment, which presents a toxic effect on humans. To address this issue, silver-based biomaterials are regarded as green alternatives to AgNPs. In this study, we used kraft lignin, a green and biodegradable polymer derived from wood biomass, to prepare an aminated lignin-silver complex (Ag@AL complex) as an alternative antibacterial agent. A facile approac...
#1Defu Wang (Shanxi Agricultural University)H-Index: 4
#2Cui Liyan (Shanxi Agricultural University)H-Index: 1
Last. Yanbing Niu (Shanxi Agricultural University)H-Index: 4
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Abstract null null Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) is renowned for the active compounds contained in its stigmas, which are used in traditional medicine and as a spice. However, although the stigmas are well above the average yield, the lateral buds of saffron are usually discarded in saffron culturing. In order to expand saffron resource utilization, this study assessed the anti-fungal activities of saffron lateral bud ethanol extracts on six common food-borne pathogenic fungi, as well as investiga...
#2Yanjie LiH-Index: 2
Last. Qifu LuanH-Index: 1
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Abstract null null Vegetation indices (VIs) are mainly associated with plant yield, and yield-related physiological traits can assist in breeding selection. Tree breeding programs require a rapid assessment of a large number of individual trees across multiple regions. Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) multispectral platforms combined with high spatial, temporal and spectral resolutions can readily assess the VIs at various plant growth phases, which has been deeply detailed for evaluating the physi...
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