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#1Mathias Löfroth (KI: Karolinska Institutet)
#2Jenny Petersson (KI: Karolinska Institutet)
Last. Eva Sundman (KI: Karolinska Institutet)H-Index: 14
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BACKGROUND Specialized clinics may improve the outcome for patients with prolonged intensive care stays. Admission may depend on diagnosis, need of respiratory support and more. We report the results from a Swedish specialized center with a multidisciplinary team approach to continued intensive care and simultaneous rehabilitation regardless of patients' primary diagnosis or ventilator need. METHODS All patients admitted and discharged from 2015 to 2018 were included. Demographics, diagnoses, ve...
#1Nicola Compagnone (UniSR: Vita-Salute San Raffaele University)H-Index: 2
#2Diego Palumbo (UniSR: Vita-Salute San Raffaele University)H-Index: 7
Last. Giacomo MontiH-Index: 18
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Background null COVID-19 ARDS is a disease that often requires invasive ventilation. Little is known about COVID-19 ARDS sequelae. We assessed mid-term lung status of COVID-19 survivors and investigated factors associated with pulmonary sequelae. null Methods null All adult COVID-19 patients admitted to the intensive care unit from February 25th to April 27th 2020 were included. Lung function was evaluated through chest CT scan and pulmonary function tests (PFT). Logistic regression was used to ...
#1Frederik Trier (AU: Aarhus University)
#2Jesper Fjølner (Aarhus University Hospital)H-Index: 11
Last. Hans Kirkegaard (AU: Aarhus University)H-Index: 17
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Background null The COVID-19 pandemic demanded changes in societal behavior and health care worldwide. Previous studies have compared trauma patient admissions in COVID-19 related lockdowns to prior years. This study describes the COVID-19 impact on trauma patient admissions during entire 2020 at a major trauma center in Denmark. null Methods null We retrospectively analyzed trauma patients received by a trauma team and admitted at Aarhus University Hospital in 2020 compared with 2018-2019. The ...
#1Elena Crescioli (AAU: Aalborg University)H-Index: 1
#2J. Ø. Riis (AAU: Aalborg University)H-Index: 9
Last. Bodil Steen Rasmussen (AAU: Aalborg University)H-Index: 23
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BACKGROUND Although supplemental oxygen can be lifesaving, liberal oxygen administration causing hyperoxaemia may be harmful. The targets for oxygenation in patients with acute hypoxaemic respiratory failure acutely admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) are strongly debated, and consensus on which targets to recommend has not been reached. The Handling Oxygenation Targets in the ICU (HOT-ICU) trial is a multicentre, randomised, parallel-group trial of a lower oxygenation target (arterial par...
#1Alexander Olausson (University of Gothenburg)
#2Carl Johan Svensson (Sahlgrenska University Hospital)H-Index: 11
Last. Axel Wolf (University of Oslo)
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BACKGROUND Opioid-based treatment is used to manage stress responses during surgery and postoperative pain. However, opioids have both acute and long-term side effects, calling for opioid-free anaesthetic strategies. This meta-analysis compares adverse events, postoperative recovery, discharge time from post-anaesthesia care unit, and postoperative pain, nausea, vomiting, and opioid consumption between strict opioid-free and opioid-based general anaesthesia. METHODS We conducted a systematic rev...
#1Ewa Wallin (Uppsala University)H-Index: 13
#2Michael Hultström (Uppsala University)H-Index: 17
Last. Ing-Marie Larsson (Uppsala University)H-Index: 9
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BACKGROUND: The remaining symptoms in patients with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) treated in intensive care unit are limited described. Therefore, we assessed patient's perception of their COVID-19 disease, stay in intensive care, and remaining symptoms three to six months after intensive care. METHODS: Prospective cohort study was performed in one intensive care unit of a university hospital in Sweden during the first wave. A questionnaire with open-ended questions and closed-ended questi...
#1Olav L. Schjørring (AAU: Aalborg University)H-Index: 9
#2Theis Lange (UCPH: University of Copenhagen)H-Index: 37
Last. Anders Perner (UCPH: University of Copenhagen)H-Index: 56
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BACKGROUND Intensive care unit (ICU) patients receive numerous interventions, but knowledge about potential interactions between these interventions is limited. Co-enrolment in randomized clinical trials represents a unique opportunity to investigate any such interactions. We aim to assess interactions in four randomized clinical trials with overlap in inclusion periods and patient populations. METHODS This protocol and statistical analysis plan describes a secondary explorative analysis of inte...
#1Drago Plečko (ETH Zurich)H-Index: 1
#2Nicolas Bennett (ETH Zurich)H-Index: 1
Last. Rinaldo BellomoH-Index: 169
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Background null The prediction of in-hospital mortality for ICU patients with COVID-19 is fundamental to treatment and resource allocation. The main purpose was to develop an easily implemented score for such prediction. null Methods null This was an observational, multicenter, development and validation study on a national critical care dataset of COVID-19 patients. A systematic literature review was performed to determine variables possibly important for COVID-19 mortality prediction. Using a ...
#1Michelle Chew (Linköping University)H-Index: 27
#2Salla Kattainen (UH: University of Helsinki)
Last. Martin I. Sigurdsson (University of Iceland)H-Index: 20
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BACKGROUND: We sought to provide a description of surge response strategies and characteristics, clinical management and outcomes of patients with severe COVID-19 in the intensive care unit (ICU) during the first wave of the pandemic in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. METHODS: Representatives from the national ICU registries for each of the five countries provided clinical data and a description of the strategies to allocate ICU resources and increase the ICU capacity during the pa...
#1John Asger Petersen (Copenhagen University Hospital)H-Index: 10
Last. Doris Østergaard (UCPH: University of Copenhagen)H-Index: 39
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BACKGROUND Regulators increasingly use formalized programs that are based on continuing professional development (CPD) activities to ensure that physicians are fit to practice. There is convincing evidence regarding the positive effects of CPD activities on performance and patient outcomes. However, there is limited available studies, investigating its effect in anesthesia, specifically. Moreover, although there exists considerable evidence linking specific CPD activities to improved performance...
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