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OBJECTIVE: This exploratory study investigated occupational stress in restaurant work prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic. METHODS: The study was a mixed methods design conducted in two phases with biomarker data for stress, questionnaire data, and semi-structured interviews. RESULTS: Results indicated elevated stressors elevated stress during normal shift conditions (p < 0.05), low job satisfaction, an effort to reward imbalance (p < 0.05), and the majority (72%, n = 28) of pa...
OBJECTIVE To augment several prior JOEM studies, which associated firms with recognized health and safety programs with outsized firm stock performance. METHODS Stock performance of CHAA and C. Everett Koop National Health Award winners are analyzed using standard asset-pricing, risk-adjusted modeling to compare them against benchmark stock portfolios. RESULTS While wellness programs are laudable, the firms did not universally outperform a market benchmark over extended periods when controlling ...
#1Alexis Descatha (Utrecht University)H-Index: 1
#2Marc FadelH-Index: 3
Last. Susan PetersH-Index: 29
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OBJECTIVE: To examine the prevalence of burnout and its work-related factors among public health providers (PHP) during the COVID-19 pandemic. METHODS: We surveyed 366 PHP in May 2021 on their burnout, demographic, and work-related characteristics. Logistic regression analyses were conducted to identify associated factors. RESULTS: 45% PHP reported burnout. Higher PHP burnout was associated with younger age (AOR 0.96, 95% CI 0.93-0.99), prolonged COVID-19 involvement (AOR 2.35, 95% CI 1.16-4.72)...
OBJECTIVE To assess occupational differences in proportional mortality ratios (PMRs) and trends in these PMRs due to the deaths of despair in the United States. METHODS PMRs for deaths due to drug overdoses, suicide, and alcoholic liver disease were obtained from the National Occupational Mortality Surveillance system. Data came from various states for the years 1985-1998, 1999, 2003-2004, and 2007-2014. RESULTS Occupations with the highest risk for deaths of despair included construction; archi...
#1Richard Evoy (NIOSH: National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)
OBJECTIVE To analyze health behaviors and conditions among maritime workers using Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRSS). METHODS BRFSS data from 2014-2018 were used to calculate weighted prevalence estimates and adjusted prevalence ratios (aPRs) for 10 health behaviors and conditions. Logistic regression was used to compare aPRs between maritime workers and all other U.S. workers. RESULTS Compared to other workers, maritime workers had higher weighted prevalence estimates for six of ...
OBJECTIVE Correctional officers are exposed to violence more often than many other public service occupations, yet little is known about the traumatic nature of these risks. We examine violence exposure and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among a large, multi-facility sample of jail officers. METHOD 1,365 officers working in 20 jails were surveyed regarding background characteristics, exposure to violence at work, and post-traumatic stress symptoms measured by the PTSD Checklist for DSM-5 ...
#1Michael P Scarlett (NAIT: Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)
#2Cameron M. EhnesH-Index: 3
Last. Stewart R. PetersenH-Index: 25
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OBJECTIVE This 2-part study evaluated validity and reliability of a treadmill test for structural firefighting. METHODS Wearing fire protective ensemble, 260 participants walked at 1.56 m.s-1, completing a 5-min warm-up, an 8-min stage at a 5.71° incline, then graded stages to exhaustion. In Part 2, 21 participants completed the test on 3 separate days under standardized conditions. RESULTS Average (±SD) oxygen uptake (VO2) during minutes 1-13 was similar to reported values for simulated fire-re...
#1Babar Dharani (UCT: University of Cape Town)H-Index: 1
Last. Kurt AprilH-Index: 15
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Objective null Burnout experiences for management and subordinates can affect preventative interventions implemented by management. Our study investigated if these differences in experiences of burnout are (1) dimension specific (2) correspond to differences in perceptions of the effectiveness of burnout prevention methods. null Methods null Two hundred thirty nine managers and 217 subordinates completed an online survey that categorized their self-reported experiences into the three dimensions ...
#1Anthony Lopez (UCSF: University of California, San Francisco)
#2Robert Kosnik (VHA: Veterans Health Administration)
Last. Sandeep GunturH-Index: 2
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Background null Infection with SARS- CoV- 2 in health care workers (HCWs) challenges employee health services. null Methods null We analyzed telephone COVID-19 hotline data over eight weeks in 2021 during SARS- CoV- 2 Delta variant surge. We calculated COVID-19 case rates among persons-under-investigation (PUIs) for illness at two health care centers (HCs). null Results null There were 41 COVID-19 cases among the 285 PUIs (14.4%) at the study HC and 549 (16.9%) of 3244 at the comparison HC. At t...
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