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#1Amber Giblett (CSU: Charles Sturt University)
#2Gene Hodgins (CSU: Charles Sturt University)H-Index: 16
Mental health is a core component of overall wellbeing and can contribute to positive functioning and purpose in life. Mental health is purportedly related to the constructs of generalised self-efficacy (GSE) and health locus of control (LOC). Most research, however, has explored GSE and LOC and their relationship with psychopathology, or defined mental health as a lack of psychopathology indicators. This contradicts the two continua model of mental health, as it does not incorporate positive me...
#1Čeněk Šašinka (Masaryk University)H-Index: 10
#2David Lacko (Masaryk University)H-Index: 3
Last. M. Jankovská (Masaryk University)
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This manuscript aims to present a novel behavioral impulsivity test ImGo, which is suitable for impulsivity assessment in the general population. A series of three studies was conducted to validate its psychometric qualities. In Study 1 we describe the principles of ImGo and verify its test-retest and split-half reliability and its convergent validity with an impulsivity self-report scale and Stop Signal test. In Study 2 we re-analyze the convergent validity of ImGo with a Stop Signal test and e...
The study aims at understanding the relationships between the fear of COVID-19 and perceived stress, wellbeing, and life satisfaction. The study also analyses the role of gender on the relationship of fear of COVID-19 with these study variables. For this, a cross-sectional study was conducted among 1125 participants in India, comprising 638 men and 487 women. Structural equation model was used to analyse the data. It was found that the fear of COVID-19 is positively related to perceived stress a...
#1Athanasios Hassoulas (Cardiff University)H-Index: 2
#2Katja Umla-Runge (Cardiff University)H-Index: 5
Last. Eliana Panayiotou (Cardiff University)
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BACKGROUND: Since the COVID-19 outbreak was declared a global pandemic, public health messages have emphasised the importance of frequent handwashing in limiting the transmission of the virus. Whilst crucial in controlling transmission, such messaging may have an adverse effect on individuals with OCD. METHODS: A cross-sectional study was conducted, with a total of 332 participants recruited. Participants who scored above the optimal cut-off score on the Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory Revised ed...
#1Nicolas Mascret (AMU: Aix-Marseille University)H-Index: 8
#2Olivier Vors (AMU: Aix-Marseille University)H-Index: 4
Last. François Cury (AMU: Aix-Marseille University)H-Index: 25
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Experimental stress paradigms have been little used in the sport psychology literature because they are unrelated to the specific sport task. The Trier Social Stress Test (TSST) was used in the present study to investigate its influence on the free-throw performance of skilled basketball players. We also investigated the influence of adopting other-approach goals (i.e., doing well relative to others) on free-throw performance when basketball players were placed in a competition immediately after...
The purpose of the current study was to investigate the factor structure of the Anxiety Sensitivity Index-3 (ASI-3) in a Turkey sample and to determine measurement invariance of the ASI-3 across gender and age groups. Confirmatory factor analysis was performed on four different models to determine the best fit model for the structure. After the best structure was determined, different models were tested for measurement invariance across gender and age groups. To determine the reliability of the ...
#1Selin Kılıçkaya (Yeditepe University)
#2Nehir Uçar (Yeditepe University)
Last. Merve Denizci Nazlıgül (Yeditepe University)H-Index: 1
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The concept 'parenting styles' has been widely examined to understand the etiology of narcissism for decades. This study aimed to systematically review the empirical research literature regarding the association between perceived parenting styles and narcissism. In this study, Ebscohost, Wiley Online Library, Taylor&Francis, Springer Link, PubMed, PsycNet, ScienceDirect, and Google Scholar databases were searched using identified keywords. An extensive database search resulted in 75 identified p...
#1Benjamin C. Riordan (USYD: University of Sydney)H-Index: 10
#2Taylor Winter (Victoria University of Wellington)H-Index: 6
Last. Tamlin S. Conner (University of Otago)H-Index: 27
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Social networking site (SNS) use is common and speculation about the negative impact of SNS use on mental health and psychological well-being is a recurring theme in scientific debates. The evidence for this link, however, is inconclusive. The Fear of Missing Out (FoMO) may assist in understanding the mixed evidence, as individuals who experience FoMO are more driven to keep up with what is happening to avoid missing out. We used a 2-week daily diary study of 408 university students to measure t...
#1H. Deniz Günaydın (Konya Food and Agriculture University)
Recent studies have examined the association between personality and job performance; however, this relationship remains to be elucidated within the context of COVID-19 fear and intention to quit. Therefore, we aimed to develop a structural equation model (SEM) by exploring the effects of personality on job performance through COVID-19 fear and intention to quit. Accordingly, 447 employees participated in the study and completed the Job Performance Scale, the Scale of Intention to Quit, the COVI...
#1Mathieu Busque-Carrier (Université de Sherbrooke)H-Index: 1
#2Catherine F. Ratelle (Laval University)H-Index: 25
Last. Yann Le Corff (Université de Sherbrooke)H-Index: 4
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The association between work values and key motivational variables has been repeatedly supported in previous studies. However, little attention has been devoted to understanding intraindividual patterns of work values and how combinations of work values relate to other motivational variables. This study aimed to identify profiles of work values based on a four-factor model (i.e., intrinsic, extrinsic, social, and status). It also investigated how profile membership relates to basic psychological...
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