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#1Jeng-Shyang Pan (SDUST: Shandong University of Science and Technology)H-Index: 54
#2Qingyong Yang (SDUST: Shandong University of Science and Technology)H-Index: 1
Last. Kuo-Chi Chang (Fujian University of Technology)
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In this paper, the compact Sine Cosine Algorithm (cSCA) is proposed. The cSCA algorithm is not based on population, but simulates the behavior of the actual population through a probability model called virtual population. Compared with the original algorithm, the cSCA algorithm takes up less memory space. However, frequent sampling may lead to poor solution quality. In view of this situation, this paper introduces the intergenerational generation sampling mechanism to improve the cSCA algorithm...
#1Ash Mohammad Abbas (AMU: Aligarh Muslim University)H-Index: 11
Weighted centroid-based schemes provide a cost-effective alternative to locate sensors in a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). In this paper, we describe mathematical characteristics of weighted centroid localization in a WSN. We provide an expression to compute the distance between the weighted and unweighted centroids of a set of points. We present algorithms to compute the weighted centroid in an iterative and non-iterative manner. We provide expressions for the distance between weighted centroid...
#1Yee-Loo Foo (MMU: Multimedia University)H-Index: 5
Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) could wirelessly transfer power to the devices on ground, thus recharging their batteries conveniently. Nevertheless, the efficiency of this wireless power transfer from UAV to ground remains unclear. This paper aims to answer this question from the theoretical perspective. We need two models for this purpose: an energy harnessing model and a UAV-to-ground wireless channel model. In the literature, a model of harnessing radio frequency (RF) energy and turning it int...
#1Akber Ali Khan (Jamia Millia Islamia)H-Index: 3
#2Vinod Kumar (DU: University of Delhi)H-Index: 10
Last. Ahmed A. Abd El-Latif (Menoufia University)H-Index: 29
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Internet of Energy (IoE) provides two-way communication for reform of energy utilization between service providers and consumers. To provide secure, efficient, and reliable operations in IoE should be protected from cyber-attacks. Many frameworks have been proposed so far to address security and privacy concerns of these systems. In the vehicle-grid system, we propose a useful mutual authenticated key agreement framework using elliptic curve cryptography and hash function. The aim of the propose...
This paper proposes two algorithms for hybrid (Analog–Digital) beamforming in a single-user millimeter-wave (mm-wave) multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems under frequency selective channels. Hybrid architecture has a potential to reduce the number of radio frequency (RF) chains to far less than the number of antennas and, it results in low hardware complexity, power efficiency and cost-saving to the system. Since practical broadband systems are frequency selective in nature therefore, the cha...
#1Manojkumar Vivekanandan (National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli)H-Index: 1
#2V. N. SastryH-Index: 11
Last. U. Srinivasulu Reddy (National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli)H-Index: 5
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Cloud services are expanding tremendously in mobile environment with the advent of wireless technology. However, privacy in accessing the cloud services securely is the prime concern of the mobile user. To address the user privacy issue, a secure mutual authentication protocol for mobile cloud environment using chebyshev chaotic map is proposed. The protocol provides Mutual Authentication among Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and Mobile User (MU). In our protocol, Session Key is securely generated ...
#1David O. Denedo (Middlesex University)
#2Quoc-Tuan Vien (Middlesex University)H-Index: 15
Last. Ca Van Phan (VNUHCM-UT: Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology)H-Index: 6
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Heterogeneous Wireless Cellular Networks (HWCNs) are an essential part of current and future cellular networks as a result of several benefits they offer regarding the ever-increasing user traffic requirement. Network resources are nevertheless limited, and as such, an efficient allocation of resources is vital for the development of the HWCNs. An improvement in the coverage area leads to increased mobile user satisfaction which in turn yields higher revenue for network operators. Minimising pow...
#1Saeed Abdallah (UOS: University of Sharjah)H-Index: 8
#2Ahmed I. Salameh (UOS: University of Sharjah)H-Index: 1
Last. Ali A. El-Moursy (UOS: University of Sharjah)H-Index: 6
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In this work, we consider amplify-and-forward two-way relay networks operating under the imperfect conditions of in-phase and quadrature-phase (I/Q) imbalance. We propose novel, efficient solutions for the problem of joint channel and I/Q imbalance estimation and the related problem of optimal pilot design. Three different estimation algorithms are developed. The first is the pilot-based maximum-likelihood (ML) estimator. The second is a semi-blind estimator that employs the expectation–maximiza...
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#1Binesh JoseH-Index: 2
#2T. Radha RamananH-Index: 6
Last. S. D. Madhu KumarH-Index: 10
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