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#1Tim HillH-Index: 4
#2Robin CannifordH-Index: 16
Last. Giana M. EckhardtH-Index: 22
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Atmospheres are experiences of place involving transformations of consumers’ behaviors and emotions. Existing marketing research reveals how atmospheric stimuli, service performances, and ritual pl...
#2Sandeep AroraH-Index: 2
Last. Neeru PahariaH-Index: 9
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Firms spend a substantial amount on lobbying—devoting financial resources on teams of lobbyists to further their interests among regulatory stakeholders. Previous research acknowledges that lobbyin...
Households sending members to work away from home often receive information about lifestyles and consumption behaviors in those migration destinations (i.e., social remittances) along with economic...
#1Nooshin L. WarrenH-Index: 4
Last. Caleb WarrenH-Index: 13
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Academia is a marketplace of ideas. Just as firms market their products with packaging and advertising, scholars market their ideas with writing. Even the best ideas will make an impact only if oth...
#1Ruth PogacarH-Index: 5
Last. Frank R. KardesH-Index: 50
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A brand name’s linguistic characteristics convey brand qualities independent of the name’s denotative meaning. For instance, name length, sounds, and stress can signal masculine or feminine associa...
#2Katherine M. DuH-Index: 1
Last. Jonah BergerH-Index: 40
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Prior approaches that leverage identity to motivate prosocial behavior are often limited to the set of people who already strongly identify with an organization (e.g., prior donors) or by the costs...
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#1Roland T. RustH-Index: 75
#2William RandH-Index: 22
Last. Timur ChabukH-Index: 1
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How can we know what stakeholders think and feel about brands in real-time and over time? Most brand reputation measures are at the aggregate level (e.g., the Interbrand “Best Global Brands” list) ...
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#1Monika LisjakH-Index: 4
#2Andrea BonezziH-Index: 8
Last. Derek D. RuckerH-Index: 52
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This research illustrates how marketing perks can be leveraged to spur WOM. We introduce a previously-overlooked, yet practically-relevant dimension on which perks differ: contractuality. Contractu...
#1Kellen MrkvaH-Index: 5
Last. Eric J. JohnsonH-Index: 75
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Choice architecture tools, commonly known as nudges, powerfully impact decisions and can improve welfare. Yet it is unclear who is most impacted by nudges. If nudge effects are moderated by socioec...
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