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#1Joseph C. Chavarria (CU: University of Colorado Boulder)
#2Diana G. Douleh (CU: University of Colorado Boulder)H-Index: 4
Last. Philip J. YorkH-Index: 6
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➤ The proper diagnosis and treatment of patients with concurrent hip and spine pathological processes can be challenging because of the substantial overlap in symptomatology. ➤ There is no consensus on which pathological condition should be addressed first. ➤ Factors such as advanced spinal degeneration, deformity, and prior fusion alter the biomechanics of the spinopelvic unit. Attention should be paid to recognizing these issues during the work-up for a total hip arthroplasty as they can resul...
#1Haley E. Smith (NU: Northwestern University)
#2Nicholas C. ArpeyH-Index: 1
Last. Samer AttarH-Index: 8
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CASE A 30-year-old pregnant woman with perivascular epithelioid cell tumor (PEComa) of the tarsal navicular underwent intralesional curettage with allograft at 30 weeks' gestation. She had an uncomplicated delivery at term and is ambulating without tumor recurrence at 1-year follow-up. CONCLUSION PEComas are rare tumors most commonly found in soft tissues but have been reported in bone and are occasionally associated with pregnancy. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case o...
#1Robert R. Slater (UC Davis: University of California, Davis)H-Index: 9
#1Jason Coffman (UTMB: University of Texas Medical Branch)
#2David C. Moffatt (UTMB: University of Texas Medical Branch)
Last. Mark Foreman (UTMB: University of Texas Medical Branch)H-Index: 1
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CASE Tibial plateau fractures can be associated with arterial injuries or dysvascular limbs, particularly in settings of trauma. Dysvascular limb in the setting of fracture is commonly due to dissection of the artery. Entrapment of the artery within the fracture is rare. We report a 48-year-old man who presented with left popliteal entrapment within a left tibial plateau fracture status-post external fixation and stent placement in the popliteal artery. CONCLUSION Findings from this case highlig...
#1Jia Ying Lee (SGH: Singapore General Hospital)
#2Eric Liu Xuan (SGH: Singapore General Hospital)
Last. Nicholas Eng Meng Yeo (SGH: Singapore General Hospital)H-Index: 5
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CASE We report a rare case of polymetatarsia without polydactyly. Our patient presented with pain and difficulty with shoewear. Radiographs showed an accessory metatarsal arising from the lateral aspect of the fourth metatarsal proximal metaphysis, fusing distally with the medial aspect of the fifth metatarsal head to form a single metatarsophalangeal joint. He was treated with a chevron osteotomy of the conjoined complex and an Akins osteotomy of the fifth proximal phalanx. Our patient recovere...
#1Seong Chan Kim (Seoul National University Bundang Hospital)H-Index: 1
#2Dong Hyun Kim (Seoul National University Bundang Hospital)H-Index: 3
Last. Yong Seuk Lee (Seoul National University Bundang Hospital)H-Index: 12
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Background null Opening-wedge high tibial osteotomy produces opening gaps; however, there is little consensus on bone graft necessity and the material that would produce a superior union. The purposes of the present study were (1) to compare the serial union patterns associated with various bone-void fillers, (2) to determine whether bone-void filler is necessary to achieve bone union of the opening gap, and (3) to determine whether bone union is different according to the correction degree duri...
#1Marcus Hoof (San Antonio Military Medical Center)
Last. Benjamin F. PlucknetteH-Index: 1
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CASE Onychophagia, or nail-biting, is a common habit seen in both children and adults. Harmful effects include oral exposure to a variety of pathogens and concomitant damage to dentition and fingers. This report focuses on the most severe reported case of recurrent osteomyelitis of the bilateral hands with destructive changes secondary to onychophagia. CONCLUSION Successful treatment relies on a multidisciplinary approach which in this case included surgical management and counseling on cessatio...
#1Yoshiaki Yamanaka (University of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan)H-Index: 9
#2Takafumi Tajima (University of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan)H-Index: 3
Last. Akinori Sakai (University of Occupational and Environmental Health Japan)H-Index: 30
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Background null Carpal tunnel steroid injection is a nonoperative intervention for the treatment for idiopathic carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). The antifibrotic, anti-inflammatory, and antiedematous properties of steroids account for their therapeutic effects in the context of CTS; however, their relative contribution has not been clarified. null Methods null Fibroblasts from subsynovial connective tissues (SSCT) were intraoperatively collected from patients with idiopathic CTS and were incubated ...
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