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#1Johanna Schoppmann (RUB: Ruhr University Bochum)H-Index: 1
#2Silvia Schneider (RUB: Ruhr University Bochum)H-Index: 37
Last. Sabine Seehagen (RUB: Ruhr University Bochum)H-Index: 10
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Little is known about toddlers' acquisition of specific emotion regulation (ER) strategies, and how early ER is shaped by temperament. This study investigated if 24-month-old German toddlers, predominantly from families with high levels of parental education (N = 96, n = 49 male), learned the ER strategy distraction through observational learning, and its interaction with temperament. Increased use of distraction correlated with reduced negative affect. Use of distraction increased through obser...
#1Bria LongH-Index: 8
#2Alessandro Sanchez (SU: Stanford University)H-Index: 2
Last. Michael C. Frank (SU: Stanford University)H-Index: 44
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#1Chloe AusterberryH-Index: 2
#2Pasco FearonH-Index: 30
Last. David Reiss (Yale University)H-Index: 74
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Intellectual performance is highly heritable and robustly predicts lifelong health and success but the earliest manifestations of genetic effects on this asset are not well understood. This study examined whether early executive function (EF) or verbal performance mediate genetic influences on subsequent intellectual performance, in 561 U.S.-based adoptees (57% male) and their birth and adoptive parents (70% and 92% White, 13% and 4% African American, 7% and 2% Latinx, respectively), administere...
#1Kayla Good (SU: Stanford University)H-Index: 1
#2Alex Shaw (UC: University of Chicago)H-Index: 21
#1Audun Dahl (UCSC: University of California, Santa Cruz)H-Index: 17
#2Mary Taylor Goeltz (UCSC: University of California, Santa Cruz)
Last. Celia A. Brownell (University of Pittsburgh)H-Index: 37
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Early social experiences, such as caregiver scaffolding, play a crucial but disputed role in the emergence of prosociality. A longitudinal experiment examined how explicit scaffolding-such as encouragement or praise-influences helping late in the first year, when helping emerges. Eighty-three infants (40 female, 6-9 months, 54% White, 17% Hispanic/Latinx, 16% Asian) participated in up to 10-weekly home visits in which they could help an experimenter in a novel activity. Data were collected in Sa...
#1Shuaa Assal-Zrike (BGU: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
#2Kyla MarksH-Index: 9
Last. Naama Atzaba-Poria (BGU: Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)H-Index: 19
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This study investigated predictors of early infant social development and the role of social support as a resilience factor among Arab-Bedouin families. We propose a mediation model in which social support will be related to maternal postpartum emotional distress (PPED), which in turn will be related to infant social responsiveness. One hundred five Arab-Bedouin mothers (age range = 17-44 years) and their preterm (n = 48) and full-term (n = 57) infants were recruited shortly after birth and were...
#1Maartje Boer (Utrecht University)H-Index: 6
#2Gonneke W. J. M. Stevens (Utrecht University)H-Index: 23
Last. Regina J. J. M. van den Eijnden (Utrecht University)H-Index: 38
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Using four waves of longitudinal data collected in 2015-2019 from 1419 Dutch adolescents (Mage = 12.5, 45.9% female, 21.9% immigrant), this study identified trajectories of problematic social media use (SMU) in parallel with trajectories of SMU frequency. Latent class growth analysis identified two subgroups with relatively high levels of problematic SMU over time: One showed high (24.7%) and one showed average SMU frequency (15.8%). Also, two subgroups with persistently low levels of problemati...
#1Youjung Choi (SIU: Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
#2Yuyan Luo (MU: University of Missouri)H-Index: 15
Last. Renée Baillargeon (UIUC: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)H-Index: 71
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Is early reasoning about an agent's knowledge best characterized by a mentalistic stance, a teleological stance, or both? In this research, 5-month-old infants (N = 64, 50% female, 83% White) saw a novel eyeless agent consistently approach object-A as opposed to object-B. Although infants could always see both objects, a screen separated object-B from the agent. When object-B protruded above the screen, infants interpreted the agent's actions as revealing a preference for object-A over object-B....
#1Evan J. Giangrande (UVA: University of Virginia)H-Index: 5
#2Christopher R. Beam (USC: University of Southern California)H-Index: 13
Last. Eric Turkheimer (UVA: University of Virginia)H-Index: 63
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This study investigated the systematic rise in cognitive ability scores over generations, known as the Flynn Effect, across middle childhood and early adolescence (7-15 years; 291 monozygotic pairs, 298 dizygotic pairs; 89% White). Leveraging the unique structure of the Louisville Twin Study (longitudinal data collected continuously from 1957 to 1999 using the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children [WISC], WISC-R, and WISC-III ed.), multilevel analyses revealed between-subjects Flynn Effects-a...
#1Ryan J. Kelly (UNM: University of New Mexico)H-Index: 17
#2Megan M Zeringue (AU: Auburn University)H-Index: 1
Last. Mona El-Sheikh (AU: Auburn University)H-Index: 62
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Reciprocal relations between sleep and adjustment were investigated. Participants included 246 adolescents (M = 15.80 years; 67.5% White, 32.5% Black/African American; 53% female, 47% male) at Time 1 (data collected 2012-2013), 227 at Time 2 (M = 16.78 years) and 215 at Time 3 (M = 17.70 years). Sleep-wake variables were measured with self-reports (sleepiness) and actigraphy (average sleep minutes and efficiency, variability in sleep minutes and efficiency). Adolescents reported on depression an...
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