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The hypothalamus plays a central role in the integrated regulation of feeding and energy homeostasis. The hypothalamic arcuate nucleus (ARC) contains a population of neurons that express orexigenic and anorexigenic factors and is thought to control feeding behavior via several neuronal circuits. In this study, a comparative proteomic analysis of low-fat control diet- (LFD-) and high-fat diet- (HFD-) induced hypothalamic ARC was performed to identify differentially expressed proteins (DEPs) relat...
#1Zheng YanH-Index: 1
#2Wang YangyanqiuH-Index: 1
Last. Gao WeiliH-Index: 1
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Objective. Rap1GAP is considered a tumor suppressor gene, but its regulatory mechanism in papillary thyroid cancer (PTC) has not been clearly elucidated. The aim of this study was to explore whether the regulation between Rap1GAP and sodium/iodine transporter (NIS) in tumorigenesis of PTC is mediated by TGF-β1. Methods. Western blotting (WB) and quantitative reverse-transcription polymerase chain reaction were performed to analyze the relationships between TGF-β1 concentration and NIS expression...
#1Myongsoon SungH-Index: 4
#2Dong Keon YonH-Index: 12
Last. Man Yong HanH-Index: 18
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Gastric cancer (GC), as an epidemic cancer worldwide, has more than 1 million new cases and an estimated 769,000 deaths worldwide in 2020, ranking fifth and fourth in global morbidity and mortality. In mammals, both miRNAs and transcription factors (TFs) play a partial role in gene expression regulation. The mRNA expression profile and miRNA expression profile of GEO database were screened by GEO2R for differentially expressed genes (DEGs) and differentially expressed miRNAs (DEMs). Then, DAVID ...
#1Qiaoyu He (TUTCM: Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
#2Xiaopeng Chen (TUTCM: Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)H-Index: 5
Last. Qian Tang (TUTCM: Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine)
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Network pharmacology was used to illuminate the targets and pathways of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) causing thyroid dysfunction. A protein-protein interaction (PPI) network was constructed. Molecular docking was applied to analyze PBDEs and key targets according to the network pharmacology results. A total of 247 targets were found to be related to 16 PBDEs. Ten key targets with direct action were identified, including the top five PIK3R1, MAPK1, SRC, RXRA, and TP53. Gene Ontology (GO...
#1Maria Moin (Bahria University)
Last. Mohammad Khursheed AlamH-Index: 19
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Introduction. Oral health is considered as one of the essential components of the overall health of every individual. Maintaining oral health is a gradual process that requires commitment. Children who require special care such as hearing impairment experience difficulty in maintaining oral health primarily due to communication difficulties. This study is aimed at using different interventions to evaluate the improvement of oral hygiene in hearing impaired children. Materials and Methods. Fifty-...
Last. Ning Zhu (Hunan University)H-Index: 1
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Background. To know the clinical value of mammotome-assisted minimally invasive resection (MAMIR) in the treatment of patients with breast neoplasm, we performed a retrospective clinical study for the patients treated with the MAMIR and conventional open resection (COR). Methods. Postoperative complications were compared between 40 patients treated with the MAMIR and 40 patients treated with the COR. The postoperative complications mainly included intraoperative blood loss, hospitalization days,...
#1Xiaoling YuH-Index: 1
#2Wenqian JiangH-Index: 1
Last. Baorong LiuH-Index: 1
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Traditional pathogenic diagnosis presents defects such as a low positivity rate, inability to identify uncultured microorganisms, and time-consuming nature. Clinical metagenomics next-generation sequencing can be used to detect any pathogen, compensating for the shortcomings of traditional pathogenic diagnosis. We report third-generation long-read sequencing results and second-generation short-read sequencing results for ascitic fluid from a patient with liver ascites and compared the two types ...
The human skeleton of a young adult male with marked asymmetry of the bilateral upper extremities was excavated from the Mashiki-Azamabaru site (3000–2000 BCE) on the main island of Okinawa in the southwestern archipelago of Japan. The skeleton was buried alone in a corner of the cemetery. In this study, morphological and radiographic observations were made on this skeleton, and the pathogenesis of the bone growth disorder observed in the left upper limb was discussed. The maximum diameter of th...
#1Fatemeh Sanie-Jahromi (SUMS: Shiraz University of Medical Sciences)H-Index: 6
#2Ali Azizi (SUMS: Shiraz University of Medical Sciences)
Last. Mohammadkarim Johari (SUMS: Shiraz University of Medical Sciences)H-Index: 6
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Tissue engineering is biomedical engineering that uses suitable biochemical and physicochemical factors to assemble functional constructs that restore or improve damaged tissues. Recently, cell therapies as a subset of tissue engineering have been very promising in the treatment of ocular diseases. One of the most important biophysical factors to make this happen is noninvasive electrical stimulation (ES) to target ocular cells that may preserve vision in multiple retinal and optic nerve disease...
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