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According to what was published by the WHO (World Health Organization), a first case of acute respiratory infection, of unknown origin, appeared in the province of HUBEI, CHINA, in the city of WUHAN, (December 2019) After having ruled out other etiological agents, the isolation of a new coronavirus (7-01-2020) was achieved, which was called new coronavirus (nCOV, COVID-19), currently named SARS-CoV-2 Coronaviruses, being important pathogens, can infect the respiratory, gastrointestinal, hepatic,...
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The discovery and synthesis of insulin has been vital in the study and treatment of diabetes mellitus. From the studies carried by Dr. Nicolae C. Paulescu in 1921 and descriptions of the pancrein, before those published by Banting and Macleod, the Nobel Prize winners in 1923, more metabolic and non-metabolic actions have been discovered and that are fundamental for life, growth and development of different organs and systems. Diverse studies in animal models have shown the participation in the d...
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En forma reciente, en la historia de la medicina se ha iniciado la mencion del tema «microcirculacion y disfuncion endotelial», sobre todo al tratar de explicar la fi siopatologia de multiples padecimientos, de los cuales antes no podiamos entender su interrelacion. En la gran y compleja respuesta integrada, interactuan multiples sistemas en los que se incluyen diferentes tipos de celulas, mediadores infl amatorios y el sistema hemostatico y que conforman un grupo proinfl amatorio y protrombotic...
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