Xiao Kemou
Ultimate tensile strengthComposite materialIntergranular corrosionMaterials scienceWeldingJoint (geology)AlloyInert gasAnnealing (metallurgy)Microstructure
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#1Jian Haigen (Hunan University of Technology)
#2Xiao Kemou (Hunan University of Technology)
Last. Mi Chengji (Hunan University of Technology)
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The 5083 aluminum alloy sheet was welded by metal inert gas welding with zirconium-containing Al-Mg alloy welding wire as filling material. Then the post-weld heat treatment was carried out at 130 °C for 3 hours and 320 °C for 1 hour, respectively. The results show that the effects of two annealing treatments on the MIG-welded Al-Mg joints are basically equivalent. After heat treatment, a large number of Al3Zr particles are precipitated in the weld zone of joints. These particles are coordinated...