Hongjun Zhu
Nanjing Tech University
PolysaccharideBiophysicsCationic polymerizationChemistryNanocapsulesHyaluronic acidAzobenzeneCD44IntracellularCancer cell
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Abstract Herein, we demonstrate a novel UV-induced decomposable nanocapsule of natural polysaccharide (HA-azo/PDADMAC). The nanocapsules are fabricated based on layer-by-layer co-assembly of anionic azobenzene functionalized hyaluronic acid (HA-azo) and cationic poly diallyl dimethylammonium chloride (PDADMAC). When the nanocapsules are exposed to 365 nm light, ultraviolet photons can trigger the photo-isomerization of azobenzene groups in the framework. The nanocapsules could decompose from lar...