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Self-interacting dark matter (SIDM) is a leading candidate proposed to solve discrepancies between predictions of the prevailing cold dark matter theory and observations of galaxies. Many SIDM models predict the existence of a light force carrier that mediates strong dark matter self-interactions. If the mediator couples to the standard model particles, it could produce characteristic signals in dark matter direct detection experiments. We report searches for signals of SIDM models with a light ...
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Abstract Folic acid (FA) is the natural form of water-soluble vitamins widely found in most plants and animal products and its deficiency leads to several human body abnormalities. The advancements of metal nanoclusters are highly increasing due to their molecule-like optical properties and attractive applications. Because of increasingly demand of noble metal nanoclusters as sensing templates, different synthesis methods have been developed for facile synthesis of noble metal nanoclusters. Here...
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Abstract null null NaNbxTa1-xO3, sodium tantalate and niobate with B atoms substitution is synthesized by a facile one-step hydrothermal method. They are effective photocatalysts for hydrogen evolution from water splitting without co-catalyst. NaNb0.33Ta0.67O3 exhibits the best performance with produced H2 of 1038 μmol g−1 in 5 h, which is more than 5 times than NaTaO3 and NaNbO3. It is also close to 5 times and 2 times than NaTaO3/Pt and NaNbO3/Pt, respectively. NaNb0.33Ta0.67O3 has a transitio...
#1Wei Chen (CAS: Chinese Academy of Sciences)H-Index: 128
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Last. Xin-Nian Wang (University of California, Berkeley)H-Index: 77
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Diffusion wake is an unambiguous part of the jet-induced medium response in high-energy heavy-ion collisions that leads to a depletion of soft hadrons in the opposite direction of the jet propagation. New experimental data on Zhadron correlation in Pb+Pb collisions at the Large Hadron Collider show, however, an enhancement of soft hadrons in the direction of both the Zand the jet. Using a coupled linear Boltzmann transport and hydro model, we demonstrate that medium modification of partons...