Susanto Susanto
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Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) has an important role in communication between devices in strategic industries such as power plant grid/network. Besides, the SCADA system is now open to any external heterogeneous networks to facilitate monitoring of industrial equipment, but this causes a new vulnerability in the SCADA network system. Any disruption on the SCADA system will give rise to a dangerous impact on industrial devices. Therefore, deep research and development of reliabl...
Malware may disrupt the Internet of Thing (IoT) system/network when it resides in the network, or even harm the network operation. Therefore, malware detection in the IoT system/network becomes an important issue. Research works related to the development of IoT malware detection have been carried out with various methods and algorithms to increase detection accuracy. The majority of papers on malware literature studies discuss mobile networks, and very few consider malware on IoT networks. This...