Zhongwei Zhang
Beijing Institute of Technology
ParticleCluster (physics)Lattice (order)NanoparticleStructural stabilityComposite materialMetallurgyMaterials scienceCubic crystal systemCondensed matter physicsAlloyHigh entropy alloysElongationPhase (matter)Binary numberCrystallographyPrecipitation (chemistry)QuenchingMicrostructureAtomic ratioThermodynamics
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#1Wang ZhenhuaH-Index: 1
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In this work, the microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of new body-centered cubic (BCC)-based Al-Ti-Zr-Nb-Ta-Mo-V refractory high-entropy alloys (RHEAs) with coherent B2 precipitation are investigated. These designed alloy ingots were solid-solutionized at 1573 K for 2 h and then aged at 873 K for 24 h, in which each treatment was followed by water quenching. It was found that there exists phase separation of BCC matrix, Ti/Zr-rich BCC1 and Nb/Ta-rich BCC2 in these alloys. Moreove...
#1Mingkang Wang (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)
#2Junhao Yuan (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)
Last. Peter K. Liaw (UT: University of Tennessee)H-Index: 94
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The present work investigated the formation and mechanical behavior of body-centered-cubic (BCC) Zr(Hf)-Nb-Ti medium entropy alloys (MEAs), in which three series of alloys, [Zr-Zr14](Zr,Nb)3, [Ti-Zr14](Ti,Nb)3, and [Ti-(Hf,Zr)14](Nb)3, were designed by the cluster formula approach. With increasing the Nb content, the BCC-β structural stability of the [Zr-Zr14](Zr,Nb)3 alloys would be enhanced, as evidenced by the BCC [Zr-Zr14](Nb)3 (Zr83.33Nb16.67 in atomic percent at. pct) alloy containing a mi...
#1Qing Wang (DUT: Dalian University of Technology)H-Index: 23
#1Qing WangH-Index: 9
Last. Peter K. LiawH-Index: 94
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Abstract The present work developed a new body-centered-cubic (BCC)-based Al0.4Nb0.5Ta0.5TiZr0.8 refractory high entropy alloy with coherent precipitation. The formation of cuboidal nanoprecipitates with a size of 25~50 nm in an 873 K-aged alloy is ascribed to a moderate lattice misfit. A Zr5Al3 phase also coexists with B2 in a same particle shape due to similar chemical compositions, in which Ti is enriched in B2 but not in Zr5Al3. The BCC/B2 coherency would be deteriorated with increasing the ...
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