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Hirudin, an acidic polypeptide secreted by the salivary glands of Hirudo medicinalis (also known as “Shuizhi” in traditional Chinese medicine), is the strongest natural specific inhibitor of thrombin found so far. Hirudin have been demonstrated to possess potent anti-thrombotic effect in previous studies. Recently, increasing researches have focused on the anti-thrombotic activity of the derivatives of hirudin, mainly because these derivatives have stronger antithrombotic activity and lower blee...
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Patchouli ("Guanghuoxiang") or scientifically known as Pogostemon cablin Benth, belonging to the family Lamiaceae, has been used in traditional Chinse medicine (TCM) since the time of the Eastern Han dynasty. In TCM theory, patchouli can treat colds, nausea, fever, headache, and diarrhea. Various bioactive compounds have been identified in patchouli, including terpenoids, phytosterols, flavonoids, organic acids, lignins, glycosides, alcohols, pyrone, and aldehydes. Among the numerous compounds, ...
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Objective:To study the effects of Shenfu injection on the Ca2+-Mg2+-ATP ase,Ca2+-ATP ase,Na+-K+-ATP and Na+,Mg2+,K+,Ca2+ in the myocardial cell injured by nembutal.Method: The myocardial cell is gotten by trypsin digestion and purified by different velocity of adherence.After injured by 0.8% nembutal,the myocardial cell is administrated with 3 different concentrations of Shenfu Injection.Then mensurate the vitality of the Ca2+-Mg2+-ATP ase,Na+-K+-ATP ase and Ca2+-ATP ase and Na+,Mg2+,K+,Ca2+ in ...
Objective:To study the effect of Shenzhu capsules on AP-1 and IL-2 of ERK signal pathway in the gastric cancer mice with spleen-deficiency and explore the molecular mechanism of Shenzhu Caspules in inhibiting the generation of gastric cancer mice with spleen-deficiency.Method: Seventeen mice were randomly selected as normal group.The other mice were administrated by 15 mL·kg-1·d-1Shanxi white venigar on the first day and 10 mL·kg-1·d-1from the second day for continuous 9 days and by 2.8 mg·kg-1·...