Yuejie Chu
Tianjin Medical University
Proinflammatory cytokineExtracellular matrixImmunologyGrowth factorCytokineEndothelial progenitor cellWound healingAngiogenesisPathogenesisMedicine
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#1Yuejie Chu (Tianjin Medical University)
#2Penghua Wang (Tianjin Medical University)
In diabetic patients,the impaired wound healing is a common clinical problem and needs to be solved urgently.Its exact pathogenesis is unclear.It is probably the result of joint action of many complex factors.Recent studies show that it may be associated with the accumulation of advanced glycation end products,the increased oxidative stress and cell apoptosis caused by hyperglycemia.Simultaneously,growth factors deficiency,abnormal expression of inflammatory cytokines,angiogenesis-related cells ...