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Individual growth patterns and cribriform architecture are increasingly considered in risk stratification and clinical decision-making in men with prostate cancer. Our objective was to establish the prognostic value of individual Gleason 5 patterns in a radical prostatectomy (RP) cohort. We reviewed 1064 RPs and recorded Grade Group (GG), pT-stage, surgical margin status, Gleason 4 and 5 growth patterns as well as intraductal carcinoma. The clinical endpoints were biochemical recurrence and post...
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Objective To investigate the feasibility of urethral stump length and width measurements in recorded videos of robot assisted radical prostatectomy procedures using the Kinovea software and to assess if these measurements could be used as predictors of postoperative urinary continence. Methods Fifty-three patients were selected from an institutional database of 1400 cases and included in the study. All videos were analysed using the computer software 'Kinovea'. All measurements were performed us...
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Radiomics applied in MRI has shown promising results in classifying prostate cancer lesions. However, many papers describe single-center studies without external validation. The issues of using radiomics models on unseen data have not yet been sufficiently addressed. The aim of this study is to evaluate the generalizability of radiomics models for prostate cancer classification and to compare the performance of these models to the performance of radiologists. Multiparametric MRI, photographs and...
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Nederland kent geen bevolkingsonderzoek naar prostaatkanker omdat de voordelen niet opwegen tegen de nadelen. De meeste prostaatkankers die worden gevonden met screening zijn niet agressief. Een goede familieanamnese helpt bij het inschatten van de kans op erfelijke prostaatkanker (HPC) en eventueel de indicatie voor klinisch genetisch onderzoek of een tweejaarlijkse PSA-test.
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The Gleason score is an important parameter for clinical outcome in prostate cancer patients. Gleason score 8 is a heterogeneous disease including Gleason score 3 + 5, 4 + 4, and 5 + 3 tumors, and encompasses a broad range of tumor growth patterns. Our objective was to characterize individual growth patterns and identify prognostic parameters in Gleason score 8 prostate cancer patients. We reviewed 1064 radical prostatectomy specimens, recorded individual Gleason 4 and 5 growth patterns as well ...
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