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The liver is often thought of as a single functional unit, but both its structural and functional architecture make it highly multivalent and adaptable. In any given physiological situation, the liver can maintain metabolic homeostasis, conduct appropriate inflammatory responses, carry out endobiotic and xenobiotic transformation and synthesis reactions, as well as store and release multiple bioactive molecules. Moreover, the liver is a very resilient organ. This resilience means that chronic li...
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BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH) is considered as a pivotal stage in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) progression, as it paves the way for severe liver injuries such as fibrosis and cirrhosis. The etiology of human NASH is multi-factorial and identifying reliable molecular players and/or biomarkers has proven difficult. Together with the inappropriate consideration of risk factors revealed by epidemiological studies (altered glucose homeostasis, obesity, ethnici...
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Abstract Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors (PPARs) are nuclear receptors and transcriptional modulators with crucial functions in hepatic and whole-body energy homeostasis. Besides their well-documented roles in lipid and glucose metabolism, emerging evidence also implicate PPARs in the control of other processes such as inflammatory responses. Recent technological advances, such as single-cell RNA sequencing, have allowed to unravel an unexpected complexity in the regulation of PPAR e...
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In addition to their well-known role in the control of cellular proliferation and cancer, cell cycle regulators are increasingly identified as important metabolic modulators. Several GWAS have identified SNPs near CDKN2A, the locus encoding for p16INK4a (p16), associated with elevated risk for cardiovascular diseases and type-2 diabetes development, two pathologies associated with impaired hepatic lipid metabolism. Although p16 was recently shown to control hepatic glucose homeostasis, it is unk...
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Transcriptomic analyses are broadly used in biomedical research calling for tools allowing biologists to be directly involved in data mining and interpretation. We present here GIANT, a Galaxy-based tool for Interactive ANalysis of Transcriptomic data, which consists of biologist-friendly tools dedicated to analyses of transcriptomic data from microarray or RNA-seq analyses. GIANT is organized into modules allowing researchers to tailor their analyses by choosing the specific set of tool(s) to a...
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Clinical data identified an association between the use of HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors (statins) and incident diabetes in patients with underlying diabetes risk factors such as obesity, hypertension and dyslipidemia. The molecular mechanisms however are unknown. An observational cross-sectional study included 910 severely obese patients, mean (SD) body mass index (BMI) 46.7 (8.7), treated with or without statins (ABOS cohort: a biological atlas of severe obesity). Data and sample collection too...
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Introduction Postoperative atrial fibrillation (POAF) is a common arrhythmia occurring in up to one third of patients after cardiac surgery. POAF is associated with poor outcome and long-term atrial fibrillation recurrence. Recent studies identified epicardial adipose tissue as a potential actor in atrial fibrillation pathophysiology. Aim We aimed at investigating whether POAF was associated with a specific pre-operative phenotype in epicardial adipose tissue through a trancriptomic analysis. Me...
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Abstract Background and aims Some studies suggested that proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin type 9 (PCSK9) is linked to liver steatosis severity and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). We aimed to assess whether circulating PCSK9 levels are associated with either liver fat content (LFC) or histological markers of NASH in high-risk patients. Methods We present results from three cross-sectional studies from two French Hospitals: Dijon and Numevox (departments of Endocrinology) and Angers (d...
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