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University of Zurich
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Normal aging is generally associated with deterioration in a number of cognitive abilities, although large individual differences in size and progression of age-related cognitive change exist. Cognitive training interventions have become an increasingly important object of research, aiming at the stabilization and improvement of cognitive abilities in old age. However, training gains tend to be of small to moderate magnitude compared to no training both on the behavioral and the brain level, but...
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In the context of the fourth revolution in healthcare technologies, leveraging monitoring and personalization across different domains becomes a key factor for providing useful services to maintain and promote wellbeing. This is even more crucial for older people, with ageing being a complex multi-dimensional and multi-factorial process which can lead to frailty. The NESTORE project was recently funded by the EU Commission with the aim of supporting healthy older people to sustain their well-bei...
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Virtual Coaches, also known as e-coaches, are a disruptive technology in healthcare. Indeed, among other usages, they might provide cost-effective solutions for increasing human wellbeing in different domains, such as physical, nutritional, cognitive, social, and emotional. This paper presents a systematic review of virtual coaches specifically aimed at improving or maintaining older adults' health in the aforementioned domains. Such digital systems assume various forms, from classic apps, to mo...
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Little is still known about the neuroanatomical substrates related to changes in specific cognitive abilities in the course of healthy aging, and the existing evidence is predominantly based on cross-sectional studies. However, to understand the intricate dynamics between developmental changes in brain structure and changes in cognitive ability, longitudinal studies are needed. In the present article, we review the current longitudinal evidence on correlated changes between magnetic resonance im...
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This paper describes the NESTORE e-coaching strategy and system architecture and its unique approach to support older adults to achieve a healthier lifestyle. The novelty of the NESTORE project is the definition of a multi-domain personalized pathway where the e-coach accompany the user throughout different structured and non-structured coaching activities and recommendations. The NESTORE e-Coach is the result of a highly multidisciplinary EU project, granted under the call SC1-PM-15-2017.
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