Wisam Abduladheem Kamil
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Abstract- Four Generation (4G) networks are the boiling connection over the airwaves since it can support the far geographic distance over the world, especially are to the popularity of the wireless devices.The Long-Term Evolution (LTE) is often called the 4G. Nowadays, telecommunications, video traffic has burgeoned under the development of LTE, the truly underlying access technology of 4G networks.During LTE deployment, different transport protocols are the most recommended and widely studied ...
Last. Raaid AlubadyH-Index: 4
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Nowadays, the electronic resources are available almost in every institution or facility. These electronic resources could be CPU, memory, electrical devices and so on. Most of these resources are wasted or not completely utilized. Hence, the role of Computational Grid comes. Grid Computing focuses on computing resources (such as CPU), in order to achieve a huge task in a short time. Due to the high heterogeneity in Grid environment, proposing an optimal resource allocation mechanism that can wo...
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Fourth Generation (4G) mobile systems has been used more widely than the older generations 3G and 2G. Among the reasons are that the 4G’s transfer rate is higher and it supports all multimedia functions. Besides, its’ supports for wide geographical locus makes wireless technology gets more advanced. The essential goal of 4G is to enable voice-based communication being implemented endlessly. This study tries to evaluate if the old protocols suit with this new technology. And which one has the bes...
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