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Abstract null null Quasi-2D perovskite solar cells (PSCs) have attracted extensive attention recently because of their superior stability to moisture, but their power conversion efficiency (PCE) still lags behind that of 3D counterparts. So, it is urgent to explore more stable and highly efficient quasi-2D PSCs. Herein, we employed fluorinated benzylammonium iodide as bulky cation to fabricate the quasi-2D PSCs. With the bulky action, quasi-2D perovskite films exhibit vertical orientation with l...
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Abstract The fundamental understanding and precise tuning of interatomic s,p-d orbital hybridization are critical to the design of interstitial alloy catalysts containing light constituent atoms. Here, we present a joint theoretical and experimental study that reveals the importance of distribution, concentration and ordering of interstitial boron atoms in Pd-B alloy’s near-surface electronic structure and catalytic performance. Our theoretical results demonstrate that the sub-surface location o...
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Abstract The concentration of acetone in exhaled breath is an efficient indicator for the diagnosis of diabetes. However, it is difficult to detect acetone in exhaled breath due to the extremely low acetone concentration, rather complex composition and very high humidity. Herein, we report Pt-decorated foam-like Ga-In bimetal oxide nanofibers (Pt-GIO) for trace concentration acetone detection. We found that the Pt-GIO based sensor exhibits enhanced sensing response towards acetone compared with ...
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Background: Maternal obesity is a risk factor for chronic kidney disease (CKD) in offspring, underpinning the theory of the developmental origins of health and disease. DNA methylation has been implicated in the programming of adult chronic disease by maternal obesity, therefore, DNA demethylating agents may mitigate offspring risk of disease. In rodent models, low-dose hydralazine has previously been shown to reduce renal fibrosis via DNA demethylation. We used mouse models of maternal obesity ...
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Last. Lihao Hu (SYSU: Sun Yat-sen University)
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Background: Unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion (URSA) is a common pathological problem in pregnancy and the etiology is complicated. URSA-associated lncRNAs are expected to be potential biomarkers for diagnosis, and might be related to the disease pathogenesis. Objective: To investigate differential lncRNAs in peripheral blood of non-pregnant URSA and normal control women and to explore the possible mechanism of differential lncRNAs leading to URSA. Methods: We profiled lncRNAs expressio...
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Protein-protein interactions occur in a wide range of biological processes and are of great significance to life function. Characterization of transient protein-protein interactions remains a significant barrier to our understanding of cellular processes. Nanopores provide unique nanoscale environments that accommodate single molecules from the surrounding bulk solution. This method permits label-free sensing at the single-molecule level with extremely high sensitivity. Herein, the interaction b...
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Formaldehyde is the most popular and highly toxic indoor pollutant. It is very urgent to develop much sensitive formaldehyde gas sensors with remarkable sensitivity at ppb-level. In this work, the olivine structured Cd2GeO4 is identified as an excellent formaldehyde sensing material for the first time. The as obtained Cd2GeO4 and other sensing materials are well characterized by XRD, SEM, TEM, XPS, scanning Kelvin probe and O2 temperature-programmed desorption. The sensor based on the as-prepare...
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Last. Shaorong Wang (CUMT: China University of Mining and Technology)H-Index: 8
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Abstract null null Ruddlesden−Popper layered oxide, La0.25Sr2.75FeNiO7-δ (LSFN) is evaluated as a potential electrode material for symmetrical solid oxide fuel cells. The in-situ formation of Ni–Fe alloy nanoparticles on the LSFN surface in reducing atmosphere can be believed to enhance the activity towards hydrogen oxidation reaction. LSFN exhibit maximum conductivity of 221.2 S/cm and 0.206 S/cm in air and hydrogen environment. Furthermore, LSFN is mixed with GDC powder to form a composite ele...
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The light harvesting and photocurrent generation from acceptors largely determine the photovoltaic performance of organic solar cells (OSCs). We have designed and prepared two medium band gap non-fullerene acceptors (NFAs), BTIC-EH-2ThBr and BTIC-BO-2ThBr, containing end groups with low electron affinity. The absorption spectrum and the energy level are simultaneously finely tuned through the weak electron-withdrawing end group to serve as an excellent third component in ternary organic solar ce...