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In this study, we use restlessness as an input for a rice crisis indicator, since restlessness rather than rice price provides a comparable year-to year context. We outline the significant increase in the use of unprecedented restlessness (UR) as an indicator for rice crises. The UR approach involves a precedence analysis, in contrast with the existing approach, the price shock analysis. We test UR as a new indicator for rice crises at the national level, which can be applied in Asia and other c...
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The purpose of this research is to determine the unwanted condition as a strategic criterion in measuring the economic resilience of a city A new approach in determining economic resilience was developed to overcome the weaknesses of the index method commonly used internationally Based on the output of this research, the development priority program for each city becomes distinctive depending on the status of the city’s economic resilience Quality improvement programs are used for cities that do...
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Abstract In this chapter, we introduce a novel chaotic system with a closed curve consisting of four quarter circles of equilibrium points. The equilibrium curve is symmetric about the straight lines x = ± y . Thus, the new chaotic system exhibits hidden chaotic attractor. The complex behavior of the new chaotic system has been verified by using phase portraits and Lyapunov exponents. We also show that the new chaotic system has multistability and coexisting chaotic attractors for different init...
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In this paper, a fractional-order model of a financial risk dynamical system is proposed and the complex behavior of such a system is presented. The basic dynamical behavior of this financial risk dynamic system, such as chaotic attractor, Lyapunov exponents, and bifurcation analysis, is investigated. We find that numerical results display periodic behavior and chaotic behavior of the system. The results of theoretical models and numerical simulation are helpful for better understanding of other...
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Last. Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad (Universiti Sains Malaysia)H-Index: 4
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This study presents the unwanted conditions determination. The economic resilience model without taking into account the level of disruption and unwanted conditions is unrealistic model. The Objective is to determine unwanted conditions as a key criterion in determining the economic resilience status of a city. This study used data on Concern variables group and Control variables groups from website of Central Bureau of Statistics Indonesia. These data covered all 514 cities in Indonesia and are...
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A new 3-D chaotic dynamical system with a peanut-shaped closed curve of equilibrium points is introduced in this work. Since the new chaotic system has infinite number of rest points, the new chaotic model exhibits hidden attractors. A detailed dynamic analysis of the new chaotic model using bifurcation diagrams and entropy analysis is described. The new nonlinear plant shows multi-stability and coexisting convergent attractors. A circuit model using MultiSim of the new 3-D chaotic model is desi...
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PT. Braja Mukti Cakra uses various types of engines to produce parts for truck cars. Vertical Lathe Automatic Chucking Machine (VMACL) is a machine that has the highest frequency of damage when compared to other machines. To reduce damage costs, preventive maintenance is well scheduled. This scheduling problem solving is done using the Annealing Simulation Algorithm. The results of the analysis give direction that the scheduling that must be done are: The maintenance action schedule for the Lift...
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The coastal area is one area that has complex dynamics. One phenomenon that is known to have an impact on coastal activities is the erosion of the coastal area called Abrasion. Integrated KKNM-PPM is a community service activity of Padjadjaran University, which is carried out annually in several regions. The program can be used as a distribution of knowledge as well as community service at Padjadjaran University students, in this case, providing education about this abrasion phenomenon. The loca...