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The EU Bioeconomy Strategy aims to support the sustainable growth and development of the EU bio-based sectors while creating jobs, innovation and services. Despite the recognised potential of the algae biomass value chain, significant knowledge gaps still exist regarding the dimension, capability, organization and structure of the algae production in Europe. This study presents and analyses the results of a comprehensive mapping and detailed characterisation of the algae production at the Europe...
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Seaweeds such as Ascophyllum nodosum are essential components of coastal ecosystems, being frequently relevant both ecologically and economically. The current increasing demand for seaweed biomass must be compatible with sustainable management practices of these resources. This study aims to provide supporting evidence for the establishment of management plans for “edge populations” (at their distributional limits) with commercial interest using, as a model, the southernmost population of A. nod...
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Abstract The conservation of Islamic manuscripts in the Fondo Ka'ti created the opportunity to study the organic red colourants applied in five manuscripts, which include a Koran (1198), a theology treatise (14th c.), a book of poems from Al-Sarishi (15th c.), a biography of the Prophet (1468) and manuscript 19 (1485). These dark red colours were characterized using fibre optic reflectance spectroscopy (FORS-VIS), microspectrofluorimetry and infrared spectroscopy (microFTIR). Microspectrofluorim...
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Canopy-forming seaweeds sustain critical ecosystem services in coastal habitats. Around the world, many of these seaweeds are suffering strong declines, mainly attributed to the progressive increase in sea surface temperature, in combination with other stressors due to current global changes. The southernmost part of the NE Atlantic is among those areas most affected by climate change. In this study, we estimated the distributional contractions of seven of the most conspicuous seaweeds from the ...
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The lack of comprehensive studies on silver paints in manuscripts is a handicap to new stabilization strategies and treatments. This work develops and tests a methodological approach for the study of the degradation of silver paints, at the molecular level, using as a case study a French Book of Hours dated from the 15th century from Mafra National Palace collection. In this paper, we show that the global equation commonly used by the cultural heritage community to describe the tarnishing of sil...
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