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#1Junichi Sugita (UTokyo: University of Tokyo)H-Index: 3
#2Katsuhito Fujiu (UTokyo: University of Tokyo)H-Index: 18
Last. Issei Komuro (UTokyo: University of Tokyo)H-Index: 90
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Cardiac arrhythmias are a primary contributor to sudden cardiac death, a major unmet medical need. Because right ventricular (RV) dysfunction increases the risk for sudden cardiac death, we examined responses to RV stress in mice. Among immune cells accumulated in the RV after pressure overload-induced by pulmonary artery banding, interfering with macrophages caused sudden death from severe arrhythmias. We show that cardiac macrophages crucially maintain cardiac impulse conduction by facilitatin...
#1Kazunori Omote (Hokkaido University)H-Index: 3
#2Isao Yokota (Hokkaido University)H-Index: 13
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Aim The association between high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) level after statin therapy and cardiovascular events in patients with stable coronary artery disease (CAD) remains unclear. Thus, in this study, we sought to determine how HDL-C level after statin therapy is associated with cardiovascular events in stable CAD patients. Methods From the REAL-CAD study which had shown the favorable prognostic effect of high-dose pitavastatin in stable CAD patients with low-density lipoprotein...
#1Mitsuru AbeH-Index: 27
#2Real-Cad study (Fujita Health University)
Last. Ryozo Nagai (Jichi Medical University)H-Index: 113
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#1Masafumi Takahashi (Jichi Medical University)H-Index: 45
Last. Ryozo Nagai (Jichi Medical University)H-Index: 113
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#2Isao Yokota (Hokkaido University)H-Index: 13
Last. Toshihisa Anzai (Hokkaido University)H-Index: 38
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#1Yoshiyuki Yazaki (University of Leicester)H-Index: 6
#2Kenichi Aizawa (Jichi Medical University)H-Index: 5
Last. Toru Suzuki (Jichi Medical University)H-Index: 52
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AIMS The aim of this study was to investigate whether ethnicity influences the associations between trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) levels and heart failure (HF) outcomes. METHODS AND RESULTS Trimethylamine N-oxide levels were measured in two cohorts with acute HF at two sites. The UK Leicester cohort consisted mainly of Caucasian (n = 842, 77%) and South Asian (n = 129, 12%) patients, whereas patients in the Japanese cohort (n = 116, 11%) were all Japanese. The primary endpoint was the measuremen...
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#1Masaharu Nakayama (Tohoku University)H-Index: 25
#2Kazuya Takehana (Kansai Medical University)H-Index: 12
Last. Ihe Cardiology TeamH-Index: 1
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#1Tsuyoshi Shiga (Jikei University School of Medicine)H-Index: 20
#2Takanori Ikeda (Toho University)H-Index: 25
Last. Takeshi Yamashita (Cardiovascular Institute of the South)H-Index: 30
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