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Abstract null null Compassion is central to human wellbeing, benefiting those who give and those who receive it. Compassionate cultures in healthcare enhance staff wellbeing, learning and innovation, and reduce stress, absenteeism and errors, leading to improved patient outcomes. Compassionate cultures need collective, inclusive, compassionate leadership, good teamwork, compassionate design, and a shift from the model of the organisation as machine to one of the organisation as a living, complex...
Big data is big business. Health data is valuable for the public good — it can save and improve lives — but it can also be monetised for private profit. The UK’s NHS data has been valued at £10 billion. GP data — with details of everything from medications to diagnoses that include mental illness, abortions, sexually transmitted diseases, suicide attempts, and addictions — is arguably the most detailed, valuable, and sensitive of all. Health data provides the fodder for machine learning, a subfi...
The pandemic, not yet over, has already significantly changed how primary care functions. GPs, typically innovative and adaptable, swiftly switched to ‘remote’ consulting in March, with telephone and video consultations the norm and face-to-face the exception, albeit still available.1 GP’s express concerns that the ‘flight to the virtual’ may lead to losses, including the sapping of energy and joy and an increase in health inequalities.2 But there is another deeper issue at stake. The loss of to...
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#1Paquita C. dle Zulueta (Imperial College London)H-Index: 1
: Compassionate health care is universally valued as a social and moral good to be upheld and sustained. Leadership is considered pivotal for enabling the development and preservation of compassionate health care organizations. Strategies for developing compassionate health care leadership in the complex, fast-moving world of today will require a paradigm shift from the prevalent dehumanizing model of the organization as machine to one of the organizations as a living complex adaptive system. It...
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The government has done much to tackle female genital mutilation (FGM),1 2 3 but the planned rollout of FGM Enhanced Data Collection across the NHS in October 2015 is ill considered. All healthcare professionals will be legally obliged to submit highly sensitive, patient identifiable information on every woman with FGM attending the NHS for whatever reason. A woeful consultation preceded the ministerial direction, which also says patient consent is not …
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‘Doing good medical ethics’ involves attending to both the biomedical and existential aspects of illness. For this, we need to bring in a phenomenological perspective to the clinical encounter, adopt a virtue-based ethic and resolve to re-evaluate the goals of medicine, in particular the alleviation of suffering and the role of compassion in everyday ethics.
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#1Paquita de Zulueta (Imperial College London)H-Index: 9
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#1Paquita de Zulueta (Imperial College London)H-Index: 9
The United Kingdom has recently been rocked by a series of reports and scandals relating to the care of patients in hospitals and in care homes. The independent inquiry in 2010 led by Robert Francis into the failings of the Mid Staffordshire hospital followed by the Public Inquiry reported in 2013 make for painful reading. The statistics – up to 1200 preventable deaths – are shameful, but it is the personal stories that truly shock us. The relatives’ accounts of the degradation, neglect, callous...
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#1Paquita de Zulueta (Imperial College London)H-Index: 9
Philosophical and scientific understandings of compassion converge, both stressing its necessity for the moral life and human flourishing. I conceptualise a dynamic and frangible account of professional virtues, including compassion, and propose that mechanistic organisational systems of care and the biomedical paradigm create a strong risk of dehumanisation and the obliteration of compassion in healthcare. Additionally, the neoliberal market ideology, with its instrumental approach to individua...
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#1Paquita de Zulueta (Imperial College London)H-Index: 9
The government’s preliminary response to the Francis report merits careful reading. Embedded in text strewn with words such as “compassion” and “courage” are some worrying caveats.1 For example, whistleblowing is encouraged and gagging clauses are condemned, but then it says that any confidentiality clauses should go no further than is necessary “to protect patient confidentiality or …