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Abstract null null Research on the relationship between psychopathy and leadership effectiveness has adopted very different perspectives on psychopathy. To advance this field of research, the current paper introduces an overarching framework of “successful psychopathy” ( Lilienfeld, Watts, & Smith, 2015 ) to the leadership domain, comprising three conceptual models (the differential-severity model, the moderated-expression model, and the differential-configuration model) and their “hybrid” forms...
Children with a constellation of dark traits may be particularly challenging to parents because these traits are associated with an increased chance for parents to lose a supportive attitude in dealing with the child's difficultness and to turn instead toward punishing strategies. The present study looks with more detail into the construct of parental punishment and examines differences and similarities in the effects of physical (harsh) versus nonphysical (corrective) discipline on the developm...
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Abstract Although numerous studies have investigated Borderline Personality Pathology (BPP) in relation to unfavorable family-life outcomes, its relationship with job correlates is poorly understood. Using a fine-grained analysis, the present study examined the link between BPP and job burnout. Focusing on both the overall BPP score as well as on the facets of BPP (i.e., anxiousness, depression, emotional lability, hostility, separation insecurity, risk taking, impulsivity), this study explores ...
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Abstract Objective One of the most challenging issues in the pediatric obsessive–compulsive (OC) disorder field is to differentiate pathological OC symptoms from the phenotypically similar normative rituals/routines that characterize normal childhood development. Given their similarities, it can be questioned whether both constructs reflect two qualitatively distinct behavioral expressions of different etiological factors or rather reflect two diverse manifestations of one single continuum (cfr....
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In their focal article, Reynolds, McCauley, Tsacoumis, and the Jeanneret Symposium Participants ( 2018 ) stress the importance of context in leadership assessment. For instance, they argue that senior executives work in a different context compared to lower-level managers and that this should be taken into account. A simple example is that the competency of strategic thinking is critical for executive performance but much less so, if at all, for front-line supervisors. The claim that context mat...
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Abstract It is widely believed that female and male leaders have fundamentally different characteristics and styles, which are thought to explain why organizations with more gender-diverse top management teams perform somewhat better. Unfortunately, few studies have concretely specified such differences or examined whether men and women in leadership roles, particularly executives, indeed differ on core psychological characteristics such as personality traits. Drawing on three alternative perspe...
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Personality disorders (PDs) are inherently associated with deficits in relating to other people. Previous research has shown consistent negative associations between categorical PD symptoms and relationship satisfaction. The present studies extend on these findings by examining the role of maladaptive traits in a number of ways. Self- and partner-reported maladaptive traits of both partners are included. Moreover, the present studies add a couple-centered approach by investigating the effects of...
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