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Effort estimation is an essential task in a software project as it helps to establish feasible plans for the implementation of a project. It largely influences success or failure of the project. Project planning becomes more efficient with accurate effort estimates, thus providing a number of benefits to the organization. Estimating effort in agile projects has been a challenging task for researchers. Several studies exist in that domain. While some have considered people-related factors, others...
#1Yash Sungkur (UoM: University of Mauritius)
#2Azhar Ozeer (UoM: University of Mauritius)
Last. Soulakshmee D. Nagowah (UoM: University of Mauritius)H-Index: 5
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With the accelerated advancement in technology infrastructure, the concept of libraries in the educational institution has evolved from a traditional system, which consists of several manual processes requiring human intervention to perform critical tasks, to that of a smart library system where the core activities are automated through the use of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Integrating IoT devices in the different processes enables the streamlining of such processes rendering them more ef...
#1Chitra Nundlall (UoM: University of Mauritius)H-Index: 1
#2Soulakshmee D. Nagowah (UoM: University of Mauritius)H-Index: 5
Large software companies are facing issues at project management level to allocate and manage tasks in distributed agile software development environment. Teams are located in different cities or countries with different profiles and expertise. When those teams are expanding, it is becoming more time consuming and difficult to coordinate. In order to do a proper assignment of tasks to an individual or team, a number of factors have to be taken into consideration. The larger number of influencing...
In recent times, the amount of vehicle users is spreading rapidly requiring additional parking spaces. A university campus can be considered as a small city and it usually undergoes the same parking problems encountered by smart cities. Searching and getting a parking space has always been a concern in university campus or even in smart cities. This paper aims to present a smart parking system based on Internet of things (IoT) to eliminate the stress, frustration and the dissatisfaction of users...
#1Soulakshmee D. Nagowah (UoM: University of Mauritius)H-Index: 5
#2Hatem Ben Sta (Tunis University)H-Index: 3
Last. Baby Gobin-Rahimbux (UoM: University of Mauritius)H-Index: 3
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#1Kavi Kumar Khedo (UoM: University of Mauritius)H-Index: 9
#2Shakuntala Baichoo (UoM: University of Mauritius)H-Index: 8
Last. Lownish Sookha (UoM: University of Mauritius)
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Early detection of disease outbreaks is crucial and even small improvements in detection can significantly impact on a country’s public health. In this work, we investigate the use of a crowdsourcing application and a real-time disease outbreak surveillance system for five diseases; Influenza, Gastroenteritis, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection (URTI), Scabies and Conjunctivitis, that are closely monitored in Mauritius. We also analyze and correlate the collected data with past statistics. A crow...
#1Kavi Kumar KhedoH-Index: 9
#2Shakuntala BaichooH-Index: 8
Last. Sudha Cheerkoot-JalimH-Index: 2
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Over the last decade, there has been a tremendous growth in the amount and diversity of electronic health-related data, such as patient records, drug information, drug–disease associations, medical resource allocations, and clinical experiments’ results, altogether referred to as medical big data. Health data analytics refers to the proper exploitation of medical big data in view of getting better understandings that can drive health research, which may ultimately accelerate advancements in biom...
#1Mohammad Anass Korimbocus (UoM: University of Mauritius)
#2Thaveersingh Towokul (UoM: University of Mauritius)
Last. Soulakshmee D. Nagowah (UoM: University of Mauritius)H-Index: 5
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Knowledge is the key resource in organisations. Nowadays, most of the industries whether public or private, have implemented this practice to maintain the effectiveness of knowledge sharing in agile software companies. Knowledge comes from the interpretation of information and data that have been processed to make appropriate decisions. It is considered as one of the fundamental parts of software development where practitioners can acquire accurate information in the right place at the right tim...
#1Oveeyen Moonian (UoM: University of Mauritius)H-Index: 3
#2Abha Jodheea-Jutton (UoM: University of Mauritius)H-Index: 1
Last. Sudha Cheerkoot-Jalim (UoM: University of Mauritius)H-Index: 2
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ABSTRACTBackground: While healthcare systems are investing resources on type 2 diabetes patients, self-management is becoming the new trend for these patients. Due to the pervasiveness of computing devices, a number of computerized systems are emerging to support the self-management of patients.Objective: The primary objective of this review is to identify and categorize the computational tools that exist for the self-management of type 2 diabetes, and to identify challenges that need to be addr...