Abraham Olson
Purdue University
OpticsPhysicsSpin–orbit interactionQuasiparticleDipoleAtomic physicsMaterials scienceCondensed matter physicsCoupling (physics)Orbit (control theory)Light inducedQuantum electrodynamicsBose–Einstein condensateGauge (firearms)OptoelectronicsLaserRubidiumQuantum mechanicsDynamics (mechanics)Spin-½
Publications 26
#1Abraham Olson (Purdue University)H-Index: 6
#2Daniel L. Whitenack (Purdue University)H-Index: 6
Last. Yong P. Chen (Purdue University)H-Index: 64
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Department of Physics,Purdue University, West Lafayette IN 47907(Dated: April 9, 2012)The s-wave interaction is usually the dominant form of interactions in atomic Bose-Einstein con-densates (BECs). Recently, Feshbach resonances have been employed to reduce the strength ofthe s-wave interaction in many atomic speicies. This opens the possibilities to study magneticdipole-dipole interactions (MDDI) in BECs, where the novel physics resulting from long-range andanisotropic dipolar interactions can ...
#1Abraham OlsonH-Index: 6
#2Robert NiffeneggerH-Index: 6
Last. Yong P. ChenH-Index: 64
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We present a combined computational and experimental study to optimize the efficiency of evaporative cooling for atoms in optical dipole traps. By employing a kinetic model of evaporation, we provide a strategy for determining the optimal relation between atom temperature, trap depth, and average trap frequency during evaporation given experimental initial conditions. We then experimentally implement a highly efficient evaporation process in an optical dipole trap, showing excellent agreement be...
#1Yong P. ChenH-Index: 64
#2Robert NiffeneggerH-Index: 6
Last. David BlasingH-Index: 5
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