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Glycemic traits are used to diagnose and monitor type 2 diabetes and cardiometabolic health. To date, most genetic studies of glycemic traits have focused on individuals of European ancestry. Here we aggregated genome-wide association studies comprising up to 281,416 individuals without diabetes (30% non-European ancestry) for whom fasting glucose, 2-h glucose after an oral glucose challenge, glycated hemoglobin and fasting insulin data were available. Trans-ancestry and single-ancestry meta-ana...
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CONTEXT HDL in humans is composed of a heterogeneous group of particles varying in protein composition as well as biological effects. OBJECTIVE We investigated the prospective associations between HDL subspecies containing and lacking apoC-III at baseline and insulin sensitivity at year 3. DESIGN, SETTING, AND PARTICIPANTS A prospective cohort study of 864 healthy volunteers drawn from the RISC study, a multi-center European clinical investigation, whose recruitment initiated in 2002 with a foll...
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Plasma gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) was suggested to reflect the level of systemic oxidative stress. Oxidative stress induces changes in arterial structure and function and contributes to the development of hypertension. Therefore, GGT may be associated with arterial remodeling and blood pressure (BP) increment, even in absence of disease. To test this hypothesis, we evaluated, in 825 healthy subjects at low cardiometabolic risk, the associations of plasma GGT with carotid artery intima-media...
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Aims To explore early effects of dapagliflozin on myocardial function and metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes without heart failure. Materials and methods Patients with type 2 diabetes on metformin treatment were randomized to double-blind 6-week placebo or dapagliflozin 10 mg daily treatment. Investigations included cardiac function and structure with myocardial resonance imaging (MRI); cardiac oxygen consumption, perfusion and efficiency with [11 C]-acetate positron emission tomography...
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#1Ele FerranniniH-Index: 14
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Randomized controlled trials (RCTs) have become the gold standard of clinical evidence and the staple of guided clinical practice. RCTs are based on a complex set of principles and procedures heavily strung by statistical analysis, primarily designed to answer a specific question in a clinical experiment. Readers of clinical trials need to apply critical appraisal skills before blindly accepting the results and conclusions of trials, lest they misinterpret and misapply the findings. We introduce...
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CONTEXT Inhibitors of sodium-glucose cotransporters-2 have cardio- and renoprotective properties. However, the underlying mechanisms remain indeterminate. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of dapagliflozin on renal metabolism assessed by urine metabolome analysis in patients with type 2 diabetes. DESIGN Prospective cohort study. SETTING Outpatient diabetes clinic of a tertiary academic centre. PATIENTS Eighty patients with HbA1c> 7% on metformin monotherapy were prospectively enrolled. INTERVENTI...
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#1Jonas OldgrenH-Index: 51
Last. Pirjo NuutilaH-Index: 85
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#1Ele Ferrannini (National Research Council)H-Index: 112
#1Ele Ferrannini (National Research Council)H-Index: 14
Insulin resistance and β-cell dysfunction are the core pathophysiological mechanisms of all hyperglycemic syndromes. Advances in in vivo investigative techniques have made it possible to quantify insulin resistance in multiple sites (skeletal and myocardial muscle, subcutaneous and visceral fat depots, liver, kidney, vascular tissues, brain and intestine), to clarify its consequences for tissue substrate selection, and to establish its relation to tissue perfusion. Physiological modeling of β-ce...
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#1Jens-Jacob Lindegaard Lauterlein (OUH: Odense University Hospital)
#2Pernille Hermann (OUH: Odense University Hospital)H-Index: 5
Last. Morten Frost (OUH: Odense University Hospital)H-Index: 24
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Abstract Introduction Sclerostin, an inhibitor of bone formation, has emerged as a potential negative regulator of glucose homeostasis. We aimed to investigate if serum sclerostin associates with insulin sensitivity, beta cell function, prediabetes or metabolic syndrome in healthy men. Materials and Methods Serum sclerostin was measured in basal and insulin-stimulated samples from 526 men without diabetes from the RISC cohort study. An OGTT was performed at baseline and after 3 years. An IVGTT a...