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Risk of outcome variability challenges therapeutic innovation. Selection of the most suitable candidates is predicated on reliable response indicators. Especially for emergent regenerative biotherapies, determinants separating success from failure in achieving disease rescue remain largely unknown. Accordingly, (pre)clinical development programs have placed increased emphasis on the multi-dimensional decoding of repair capacity and disease resolution, attributes defining responsiveness. To attai...
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BACKGROUND The nerve autograft remains the gold standard when reconstructing peripheral nerve defects. However, although autograft repair can result in useful functional recovery, poor outcomes are common, and better treatments are needed. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of purified exosome product on functional motor recovery and nerve-related gene expression in a rat sciatic nerve reverse autograft model. METHODS Ninety-six Sprague-Dawley rats were divided into three exper...
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BACKGROUND Myocardial volume is assumed to be constant over the cardiac cycle in the echocardiographic models used by professional guidelines, despite evidence that suggests otherwise. The aim of this paper is to use literature-derived myocardial strain values from healthy patients to determine if myocardial volume changes during the cardiac cycle. METHODS A systematic review for studies with longitudinal, radial, and circumferential strain from echocardiography in healthy volunteers ultimately ...
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Stem cell paracrine activity is implicated in cardiac repair. Linkage between secretome functionality and therapeutic outcome was here interrogated by systems analytics of biobanked human cardiopoietic cells, a regenerative biologic in advanced clinical trials. Protein chip array identified 155 proteins differentially secreted by cardiopoietic cells with clinical benefit, expanded into a 520 node network, collectively revealing inherent vasculogenic properties along with cardiac and smooth muscl...
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Rationale: With over seven million infections and $25 billion treatment cost, chronic ischemic wounds are one of the most serious complications in the United States. The controlled release of bioactive factor enriched exosome from finbrin gel was a promising strategy to promote wound healing. Methods: To address this unsolved problem, we developed clinical-grade platelets exosome product (PEP), which was incorporate with injectable surgical fibrin sealant (TISSEEL), to promote chronic wound heal...
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Purpose Although hemodynamic status prior to continuous flow left ventricular assist device placement (CF-LVAD) is an important determinant of outcomes, data on pre-implant optimization and patient-oriented outcomes are sparse. Methods We identified consecutive patients undergoing CF-LVAD implant between 2007 and 2017 at a single institution. Hemodynamic variables at three time points and laboratory studies were evaluated pre-LVAD implant in a logistic regression model to identify predictors of ...