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Research over the past decades has demonstrated the explanatory power of emotions, feelings, motivations, moods, and other affective processes when trying to understand and predict how we think and behave. In this consensus article, we ask: has the increasingly recognized impact of affective phenomena ushered in a new era, the era of affectivism?
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Informes publicados en Washington hacen hincapie sobre la preocupacion de quienes dirigen la politica relacionada con Vietnam por lograr el apoyo de la opinion publica en lo que atane a la intervencion estadounidense en ese pais. Seguramente que ningun presidente ha leido los resultados de ciertas encuestas con mayor atencion que Johnson, en cuanto a este tema particular. Por ello resulta pertinente e importante investigar el tipo de informacion que dichos cuestionarios proporcionan. Hasta ahora...
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In recent years, the field of emotion has grown enormously—recently, nearly 250 scientists were identified who are studying emotion. In this article, I report a survey of the field, which revealed high agreement about the evidence regarding the nature of emotion, supporting some of both Darwin’s and Wundt’s 19th century proposals. Topics where disagreements remain were also exposed.
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