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Fisher症候群は, Guillain-Barre症候群の亜型であり, 急性発症する外眼筋麻痺・運動失調・腱反射消失を三主徴とする. 今回われわれは蝶形骨洞炎の先行感染が示唆されたFisher症候群の一例を経験した.症例は39歳男性. 鼻漏, 鼻閉を自覚後3日目より複視, 動揺感を来したため近医受診した. 頭部MRIにて蝶形骨洞炎を指摘され, 鼻性眼窩内合併症の疑いで, 同日当科受診となった. 来院時, 右蝶形骨洞自然孔より膿汁の流出があり, CTでも右蝶形骨洞に軟部陰影認めたが, 骨破壊や石灰化像を認められなかったことから, 悪性腫瘍や真菌症は否定的と考えた. 神経学所見では両側の外転障害が認められ, 右一側性の蝶形骨洞炎の眼窩内合併症とは考えにくく, さらに四肢腱反射低下, 運動失調を認めたことから, Fisher症候群を疑った. 髄液蛋白細胞解離, 血中抗GQ1b抗体を認め, Fisher症候群と診断した.Fisher症候群は, 先行感染により動眼, 滑車, 外転神経などに対する抗体 (抗GQ1b抗体) が産生され, 症状が発現すると考えられている. 本症例では蝶形骨洞炎が先行...
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Objective To evaluate the antitumor immune effects of B7-1 gene expression mediated by adenoviral vectors against squamous cell carcinoma. Transfection of the costimulatory molecule B7-1 gene into certain murine tumors increases antitumor immunity and suppresses tumor growth. Design In vitro and in vivo study. Interventions A murine squamous cell carcinoma cell line, KLN205, was infected with adenoviral vectors carrying either B7-1 (AdB7) or LacZ (AdCL) genes. Infected cells were injected subcut...
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(80 mg/m 2 ) were scheduled during 70 Gy of radiotherapy (RT), and two agents of adjuvant chemotherapy (FP regimen: cisplatin 80 mg/m 2 and 5-fluorouracil 800 mg/m 2 /day by 4-day continuous infusion) were challenged. Overall survival (OS) and relapse-free survival (RFS) rates were calculated by the Kaplan–Meier method. Results: Median follow-up duration was 45 months. Both 3-year OS and RFS rates were 81%. Proportions of patients who tolerated each scheduled treatment were 94% for RT, 63% for c...
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Background: Tumor-induced osteomalacia (TIO) is an extremely rare paraneoplastic syndrome associated with mesenchymal tumors in the craniofacial region. Methods: We treated a 24-year-old Japanese woman with paranasal sinus tumor and a low serum phosphate level who presented with nasal obstruction and systemic bone fractures. Serum fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF-23) was measured before and after surgery. Results: After surgery, her symptoms were resolved and the serum phosphate and FGF-23 level...
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Objective To assess the impact of modifications to radical neck dissection on postoperative quality of life. Design Cross-sectional study using a self-administered neck dissection questionnaire and an arm abduction test. Setting Department of Otolaryngology–Head and Neck Surgery, Kobe University Hospital. Patients Seventy-four patients who had undergone neck dissection for the treatment of head and neck cancer. Main Outcome Measures Arm abduction test results and responses to questions on qualit...
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Background: Reconstruction of eye globe-sparing total maxillectomy defects is one of the major challenges to reconstructive surgeons. In 1994, the authors developed an uncomplicated and easy reconstructive method, where a titanium mesh is applied for the support of orbital contents, a radial forearm free flap for covering the mesh and the cheek lining, and an obturator prosthesis for palatal and dental rehabilitation. Methods: Five patients who underwent primary reconstruction with the authors' ...
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Conclusions. In the treatment of oropharyngeal cancers, possible metastases to retropharyngeal lymph nodes (RPLNs) should be taken into account, especially in tumors arising in the lateral wall and/or posterior wall. Patients with multiple positive neck nodes must have intensified adjuvant therapy, especially when they have extracapsular spread (ECS). Objective. To develop optimal treatment strategies for oropharyngeal cancers, we retrospectively analyzed the lymph node metastases of oropharynge...
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