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Abstract Green tea consumption has been shown to possess cancer chemopreventive activity. Polyphenol E (PE) is a widely used standardized green tea extract formulation. This study was designed to investigate the impact of PE on prostate cancer cells (PC3), analyze the potential signals involved and elucidate whether anti- or pro-oxidant effects may be implicated. Treatment of PC3 cells with 30 and 100 μg/ml PE significantly decreased cell viability and proliferation. At the tested concentrations...
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To improve the effectiveness of a previous regression-based approach for the assessment of the agreement between different analytical methods, two modifications/integrations to the original scheme by means of log10 transformation of data and implementation of inherent combined imprecision are presented in this study.
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Abstract We designed a delivery system to obtain an efficient and optimal nose-to-brain transport of BACE1 siRNA, potentially useful in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. We selected a cell-penetrating peptide, the short peptide derived from rabies virus glycoprotein known as RVG-9R, to increase the transcellular pathway in neuronal cells. The optimal molar ratio between RVG-9R and BACE1 siRNA was elucidated. The complex between the two was then encapsulated. We propose chitosan-coated and un...
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Purpose The dietary flavonoids epicatechin (EC), epigallocatechin (EGC), epicatechin gallate (ECG) and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) have been shown to interact with circulating albumin for transport in blood to different body tissues. This interaction may modulate their bioavailability and effectiveness.
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Critical limb ischemia (CLI), foot ulcers, former amputation, and impaired regeneration are independent risk factors for limb amputation in subjects with diabetes. The present work investigates whether and by which mechanism diabetes negatively impacts on functional properties of muscular pericytes (MPs), which are resident stem cells committed to reparative angiomyogenesis. We obtained muscle biopsy samples from patients with diabetes who were undergoing major limb amputation and control subjec...
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A capillary electrophoresis coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (CE–MS/MS) has been used to make a qualitative determination of hercynine—the main precursor of l-ergothioneine biosynthesis—in some key human biological specimens, such as urine, whole blood, plasma, and saliva. From semiquantitative analysis results, the highest concentrations of hercynine were detected in saliva and whole blood, whereas much lower concentrations were measured in urine and plasma. Whole blood was the biological ma...
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// Luigi Ippolito 1 , Alberto Marini 5 , Lorenzo Cavallini 1 , Andrea Morandi 1 , Laura Pietrovito 1 , Gianfranco Pintus 5, 6 , Elisa Giannoni 1 , Thomas Schrader 2 , Martin Puhr 3 , Paola Chiarugi 1, 4, * , Maria Letizia Taddei 7, * 1 Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences, University of Florence, Florence, Italy 2 Department of Chemistry, University Duisburg-Essen, Essen, Germany 3 Department of Urology, Medical University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria 4 Tuscany Tumor I...
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Plasma concentrations of choline, betaine, and dimethylglycine provide valuable information on the flow of methyl groups in key biological processes, particularly during folate deficiency states. We developed a new method to simultaneously measure these analytes in human plasma. Following sample deproteinization using acetonitrile, an aliquot was evaporated to dryness under vacuum to be then taken up by water. Finally, analytes were separated by capillary electrophoresis and detected by electros...
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The symbiosis between the parasitic protist Trichomonas vaginalis and the opportunistic bacterium Mycoplasma hominis is the only one currently described involving two obligate human mucosal symbionts with pathogenic capabilities that can cause independent diseases in the same anatomical site: the lower urogenital tract. Although several aspects of this intriguing microbial partnership have been investigated, many questions on the influence of this symbiosis on the parasite pathobiology still rem...
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Background: Two precolumn fluorescence derivatization procedures by two different sulfhydryl-reactive iodoacetyl reagents were established to measure simultaneously glutathione and l-ergothioneine in human whole blood by means of CE and LC. Materials & methods: Separations were achieved in <5 min on a reverse-phase column (100 mm × 4.6 mm Zorbax Eclipse Plus C18 3.5 µm) for LC analysis, and on an uncoated fused-silica capillary (60 cm × 50 µm) for CE analysis, monitoring the fluorescence of deri...
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