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Therapeutic strategies for prostate cancer (PCa) have been evolving dramatically worldwide. The current article reports on the evolution of surgical management strategies for PCa in Italy. The data from two independent Italian multicenter projects, the MIRROR-SIU/LUNA (started in 2007, holding data of 890 patients) and the Pros-IT-CNR project (started in 2014, with data of 692 patients), were compared. Differences in patients’ characteristics were evaluated. Multivariable logistic regression mod...
#1Marianna Noale (National Research Council)H-Index: 24
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Last. Stefano Maria MagriniH-Index: 25
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Radiotherapy (RT) represents an important therapeutic option for the treatment of localized prostate cancer. The aim of the current study is to examine trajectories in patients’ reported quality of life (QoL) aspects related to bowel function and bother, considering data from the PROState cancer monitoring in ITaly from the National Research Council (Pros-IT CNR) study, analyzed with growth mixture models. Data for patients who underwent RT, either associated or not associated with androgen depr...
BACKGROUND This study analyzes patient health-related quality of life (QoL) 24-month after prostate cancer (PCa) diagnosis within the PROState cancer monitoring in ITaly from the National Research Council (Pros-IT CNR) study. METHODS Pros-IT CNR is an ongoing, longitudinal and observational study, considering a convenience sample of patients enrolled at PCa diagnosis and followed at 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months from the diagnosis. Patients were grouped according to the treatment received: ner...
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The idea that neoplasms grow, becoming unresectable through dissemination, which is initially loco-regional, and systemic only in a later stage, is historically at the basis of the radical surgery – where, by ‘radical’, the old surgery meant the complete removal of the tumor and, in practice, aggressive surgery. Halsted’s “radical mastectomy”, as well as many principles of surgical anatomy of the first decades of the twentieth century, obey to an idea of tumor progression as a linear process tak...
#1Mauro Gacci (UniFI: University of Florence)H-Index: 49
#2I. Greco (UniFI: University of Florence)H-Index: 6
Last. Gaetano Crepaldi (National Research Council)H-Index: 71
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Background Prostate cancer (PCa) is the second most common neoplasm in male patients. To date, there's no certain indication about the maximum waiting time (WT) acceptable for treatment beginning and the impact on oncological and functional outcomes has not been well established. Methods Data from the National Research Council PCa monitoring multicenter project in Italy (Pros-IT CNR) were prospectively collected and analyzed. WT was defined as the time from the bioptical diagnosis of PCa to the ...
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Backgrounds: Head to head critical comparison of data about Emergency Room (ER) admission due to urological conditions during the first month of COVID-19 pandemic (March 2020) with the data about the same period of 2019. Methods: One of the authors queried the clinical database of a hospital with a catchment area of around 600.000 inhabitants about urologic consults and procedures in ER. Thus, all the Authors analyzed the data, comparing them with the most recent literature. Results: In March 20...