Ana Maria Rey
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We study information scrambling, as diagnosed by the out-of-time order correlations (OTOCs), in a system of large spins collectively interacting via spatially inhomogeneous and incommensurate exchange couplings. The model is realisable in a cavity QED system in the dispersive regime. Fast scrambling, signalled by an exponential growth of the OTOCs, is observed when the couplings do not factorise into the product of a pair of local interaction terms, and at the same time the state of the spins po...
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We study the quantum dynamics of many-body arrays of two-level atoms in a driven cavity subject to collective decay and interactions mediated by the cavity field. We work in the bad cavity limit accessible, for example, using long-lived electronic clock states of alkaline earth atoms, for which the bare atomic linewidth is much less than the cavity linewidth. In the absence of interactions, our system reduces to previously studied models of collective fluorescence. We show that while interaction...
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Measurement-based quantum computation, an alternative paradigm for quantum information processing, uses simple measurements on qubits prepared in cluster states, a class of multiparty entangled states with useful properties. Here we propose and analyze a scheme that takes advantage of the interplay between spin-orbit coupling and superexchange interactions, in the presence of a coherent drive, to deterministically generate macroscopic arrays of cluster states in fermionic alkaline earth atoms tr...
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Dipolar interactions are ubiquitous in nature and rule the behavior of a broad range of systems spanning from energy transfer in biological systems to quantum magnetism. Here, we study magnetization-conserving dipolar induced spin-exchange dynamics in dense arrays of fermionic erbium atoms confined in a deep three-dimensional lattice. Harnessing the special atomic properties of erbium, we demonstrate control over the spin dynamics by tuning the dipole orientation and changing the initial spin st...
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Understanding quantum thermalization through entanglement build up in isolated quantum systems addresses fundamental questions on how unitary dynamics connects to statistical physics. Spin systems made of long-range interacting atoms offer an ideal experimental platform to investigate this question. Here, we study the spin dynamics and approach towards local thermal equilibrium of a macroscopic ensemble of S = 3 chromium atoms pinned in a three dimensional optical lattice and prepared in a pure ...
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Scrambling of quantum information is the process by which information initially stored in the local degrees of freedom of a quantum many-body system spreads over its many-body degrees of freedom, becoming inaccessible to local probes and thus apparently lost. Scrambling and entanglement are key concepts reconciling seemingly unrelated behaviors including thermalization of isolated quantum systems and information loss in black holes, and have revolutionized our understanding of non-equilibrium ph...
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