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The study was aimed to develop solid self micro emulsifying drug delivery system (S-SEDDS) for dissolution enhancement of model drug Glibenclamide using Aerosil 200 as solid carrier. SEDDS was prepared using oil, surfactant and cosurfactant respectively. Pseudo ternary phase diagram was used to identify micro emulsion region for formulating stable SEEDS .Prepared SEDDS was evaluated for turbidity measurement, globule size and zeta potential, viscosity determination and % transmittance. S-SEDDS w...
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Solid dispersions have been used to increase the dissolution rates of poorly water soluble drugs. Many methods are used to prepare solid dispersions. This paper reports various solubility enhancement strategies in solid dispersion. The methods described are fusion (melting), solvent evaporation, lyophilization (freeze drying), melt agglomeration process, spray drying technology, use of surfactant. The paper also shows study of characterization, selection of carriers, potential applications and l...
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Aim of present study was to develop solid self micro emulsifying drug delivery system (S-SEDDS) with Aerosil 200 for enhancement of dissolution rate of model drug Glibenclamide (GBM). SEDDS was prepared using Capmul MCM C8 TM , Cremophor RH 40 TM , and Transcutol P TM as oil, surfactant and cosurfactant respectively. For formulation of stable SEDDS, micro emulsion region was identified by constructing pseudo ternary phase diagram containing different proportion of surfactant: co-surfactant (1:1,...
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The purpose of the present study was to explore the passive and electrically assisted transdermal transport of Alendronate Sodium (AS) by iontophoresis in combination with penetration enhacers. For better bioavailability, better patient compliance, and prevention of gastro-intestinal irritation of AS, an iontophoretic drug delivery system of AS gel was formulated using Carbopol-940. Optimization of gel indicated the suitability of the Carbopol gel for transdermal iontophoretic delivery of AS. Th...
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Transdermal delivery of drugs through the skin to the systemic circulation provides a convenient route of administration for a variety of clinical indications. For transdermal delivery of drugs, stratum corneum is the main barrier layer for permeation of drug. So to circumvent the stratum corneum and to increase the flux through skin membrane, different approaches of penetration enhancement are used. Many reviews had described regarding iontophoresis, electroporation, sonophoresis, phonophoresis...
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Summary A simple, selective, precise, and stability-indicating high-performance thin layer chromatographic (HPTLC) method has been established and validated for the analysis of idebenone in bulk drug and formulations. The compounds were analyzed on aluminum-backed silica gel 60 F254 plates with petroleum ether-methanol (4:1, υ/υ) as mobile phase. Densitometric analysis of idebenone was performed at 282 nm. Regression analysis data for the calibration plots were indicative of good linear relation...
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Formulators are charged with the responsibility of formulating a product which is physically and chemically stable, and bioavailable. Solid-state properties including polymorphism, solvate and salt formation can have a profound impact on important properties (solubility & stability) that are essential for successful development of drug candidates. Crystallization of pharmaceutically active ingredients, particularly those that possess multiple polymorphic forms, are among the most critical and le...
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