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Peripheral regulatory T cells (pTregs) are a highly immunosuppressive fraction of CD4+ T cells. We aimed to evaluate the clinical significance of pTregs in patients with gastric cancer and to determine the correlation between pTregs and immune cell infiltration in tumor microenvironment. pTregs status was determined by assessing the pTreg/total T-cell ratio (ratio of Foxp3 Treg-specific demethylated region (TSDR) to CD3G/CD3D demethylation, so-called Cellular Ratio of Immune Tolerance "ImmunoCRI...
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Located in the Large Magellanic cloud and mostly irradiated by a massive-star cluster R\,36, 30 Doradus is an ideal target to test the popular theory of the grain alignment and rotational disruption by Radiative Torques (RATs). Here, we use publicly available polarized thermal dust emission observations of 30 Doradus at 89, 154, and 214\,\mu using SOFIA/HAWC+. We analyse the variation of the dust polarization degree (p with the total emission intensity (I, the dust temperature ($T_{\...
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While failure in resolution of inflammation is considered to increase the risk of tumorigenesis, there is paucity of experimental as well as clinical evidence supporting this association. Resolvin D1 (RvD1) is a representative pro-resolving lipid mediator that is endogenously generated from docosahexaenoic acid for the resolution of inflammation. Here, we report a decreased level of RvD1 in the blood from colorectal cancer patients and mice having inflammation-induced colon cancer, suggesting pl...
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Recent clinical studies on immune checkpoint (IC) inhibitors in the context of advanced gastric cancer (AGC) have failed to show significant survival benefits but have suggested the possible role of IC inhibitors in anti-AGC immunity. Considering the low efficacy of targeted drugs in AGC, there is an urgent need for the discovery of new targets for the development of immunotherapeutics and prognostic markers for patient selection. This study aimed to investigate the expression of a new IC molecu...
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#1Ki Wook Kim (Seoul National University Bundang Hospital)
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BACKGROUND Inactivation of TP53, a tumor suppressor gene, is associated with the development of several malignancies, including gastric cancer (GC). The present study aimed to evaluate the correlation between the overexpression of p53 and survival in different Lauren-type GCs. METHODS From May 2003 to December 2019, 3608 GC patients treated endoscopically or surgically at the Seoul National University Bundang Hospital were enrolled for the study. Immunohistochemical staining for p53 was performe...
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#2Jiwon Koh (Seoul National University Hospital)H-Index: 10
Last. Hye Seung Lee (SNU: Seoul National University)H-Index: 67
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The prognostic impact of Immunoscore (IS) in gastric cancer (GC) patients treated with adjuvant chemotherapy remains unelucidated. We evaluated the CD3 + , CD8 + , and Foxp3 + T-lymphocyte densities in tumor centers and invasive margin regions of 389 patients with surgically resected stage II/III GC who received 5-FU-based adjuvant chemotherapy and investigated the impact of IS on survival. In univariate analysis, high CD3 + , CD8 + , and Foxp3 + T-lymphocyte densities in the invasive margin wer...
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#2Leigh MaherH-Index: 2
Last. Charles Kai-Wu LeeH-Index: 24
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BACKGROUND Gastric cancer metastasis is a highly fatal disease with a five-year survival rate of less than 5%. One major obstacle in studying gastric cancer metastasis is the lack of faithful models available. The cancer xenograft mouse models are widely used to elucidate the mechanisms of cancer development and progression. Current procedures for creating cancer xenografts include both heterotopic (i.e., subcutaneous) and orthotopic transplantation methods. Compared to the heterotopic model, th...
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Summary Background The long-term effects of radical resection on quality of life may influence the treatment selection. The objective of this study was to determine whether abdominoperineal resection has a better effect on the quality of life than sphincter preservation surgery at 3 years after surgery Methods This prospective, cohort study included patients who underwent radical resection for low rectal cancer. The primary outcomes were European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer...