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INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVE:Salvage lymph node dissection (SLND) is considered an experimental treatment for patients with nodal recurrence after radical prostatectomy (RP). However, most of them al...
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BACKGROUND Patients with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) persistence are at the increased risk of disease progression. The aim of our study was to evaluate the impact of early salvage therapy on oncological outcomes in patients with persistent PSA after radical prostatectomy (RP). METHODS Within a single tertiary centre database, we identified men with persistent (≥ 0.1 ng/ml) versus undetectable (< 0.1 ng/ml) PSA 4-8 weeks after RP for high-risk prostate cancer (HRPCa). The cumulative incidence...
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BACKGROUND Glandular metastases (GM) have been associated with improved survival in metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma (m-ccRCC). We aimed to molecularly characterize m-ccRCC with GM. MATERIAL AND METHODS We performed a retrospective cohort study on all m-ccRCC patients with available tissue at our institution, diagnosed with metastatic disease from 2000 to 2019. We determined previously described angiogenesis- and immune-related gene expression signatures (GES) and ccrcc molecular subty...
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OBJECTIVES Investigating supportive care (SC) needs and utilization/willingness to use SC services from diagnosis to one year after radical cystectomy in bladder cancer (BC) patients. MATERIALS & METHODS: A longitudinal cohort study was conducted in 90 BC patients at Ghent/Leuven University Hospitals between April 2017 and December 2020. The Supportive Care Needs Survey-short form (SCNS-SF34) was used before radical cystectomy, one, three, six and 12 months after radical cystectomy. Additional q...
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OBJECTIVES PSMA-PET has become the PET technique of choice to localise the site of biochemically recurrent prostate cancer (PCa). With hybrid PET/MRI, the advantages of MRI are added to molecular characteristic of PET. The aim of this study was to investigate the incremental value of PET/MR versus PET/CT in patients with biochemically recurrent PCa by head-to-head comparison. METHODS Thirty-four patients with biochemically recurrent PCa were prospectively included. They underwent [68Ga]Ga-PSMA-1...
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In patients with prostate cancer who have a high risk of pelvic nodal disease, the use of elective whole pelvis radiotherapy is still controversial. Two large, randomised, controlled trials (RTOG 9413 and GETUG-01) did not show a benefit of elective whole pelvis radiotherapy over prostate-only radiotherapy. In 2020, the POP-RT trial established the role of elective whole pelvis radiotherapy in patients who have more than a 35% risk of lymph node invasion (known as the Roach formula). POP-RT stre...
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BACKGROUND Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most frequent cancer in men. The prognosis of PCa is heterogeneous with many clinically indolent tumors and rare highly aggressive cases. Reliable tissue markers of prognosis are lacking. Active cholesteryl ester synthesis has been associated with prostate cancer aggressiveness. Sterol-O-Acyl transferases (SOAT) 1 and 2 catalyze cholesterol esterification in humans. OBJECTIVE To investigate the value of SOAT1 and SOAT2 tissue expression as prognostic marke...
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Abstract null null MicroAbstract null : Trials with adjuvant anti-angiogenic therapy failed to demonstrate significant benefit in high-risk, resected clear-cell renal cell carcinoma. We show that molecular subtypes and angiogenesis-related gene expression are associated with disease-free and overall survival. Clinically high-risk tumors are infrequently angiogenic but can display either high or low immunogenic gene expression. Molecular characterization could therefore better guide patient selec...
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