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The aim of this paper is to understand the challenges and opportunities of using humour in a recruitment advertising campaign. In this study, we approach through a case study the social media recruiting campaign of a high-profile company operating in the architecture industry. The campaign used humour as a device when seeking the right person. The main empirical data were collected through a qualitative open-ended questionnaire targeted at 28 potential job seekers at the architect firm to unders...
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#1Jaakko Sinisalo (Oulu University of Applied Sciences)H-Index: 8
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Last. Saila Saraniemi (University of Oulu)H-Index: 12
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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine the barriers associated with the adoption and use of mobile sales force automation (SFA) systems from a salesperson’s perspective. Design/methodology/approach – A qualitative investigation of two business-to-business companies was conducted. Data collected from ten semi-structured interviews with directors or sales managers were analyzed to understand the main barriers to SFA system adoption. Findings – The study confirms the existence of three b...
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Research concerning the multichannel environment in different industries and contexts is increasing. However, the majority of studies fail to acknowledge the different characteristics of each individual channel. Therefore, this study takes a closer look at the mobile medium within the multichannel environment in CRM. More specifically, the purpose of this study is to examine the role of the mobile medium among other channels within multichannel CRM communication. Based on the purpose of the stud...
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#2Jaakko SinisaloH-Index: 8
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Purpose – The purpose of the paper is to investigate an intentionally developed business network (IDBN) for mobile marketing (m‐marketing).Design/methodology/approach – The IDBN for m‐marketing is studied in the light of a literature review of m‐marketing and IDBNs. In addition to this, a case study has been conducted.Findings – It was found that in m‐marketing there are several phases that need to be completed successfully. Resources and capabilities are different in each phase, and thereby the...
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#1Jaakko Sinisalo (University of Oulu)H-Index: 8
#2Jari Salo (University of Oulu)H-Index: 35
Last. Matti Leppäniemi (University of Oulu)H-Index: 13
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Purpose – The purpose of this study is twofold. First, in order to guarantee a coherent discussion about mobile customer relationship management (mCRM), this paper presents a conceptualization of mCRM delineating its unique characteristics. Second, the authors develop the empirically grounded framework of the underlying issues in the initiation of mCRM.Design/methodology/approach – A single‐case‐study method is used for the empirical component of the study in order to gain a holistic view of the...
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Although communication has been investigated within relationship-oriented contexts, studies concerning communication within Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are scarce, especially when customer relationships are managed with the aid of the mobile medium. The purpose of this study is to increase general understanding of communication within the mobile context, in which the communicating parties are connected through the mobile medium. The authors present a model of the communication process...
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In connection with advances in wireless technology, mobile advertising (m-advertising) has been identified one of the most promising potential business areas. Even though it offers revenue-generating opportunities for a number of different actors, the possibilities have not been utilised or studied. The purpose of this paper is to explore what kind of business network could evolve around a novel m-advertising service. Using a scenario planning method, this study suggests four network models, eac...
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#1Jaakko Sinisalo (University of Oulu)H-Index: 8
#2Jari Salo (University of Oulu)H-Index: 35
Last. Matti Leppäniemi (University of Oulu)H-Index: 13
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Although customer relationship management (CRM) is currently gaining widespread popularity in several disciplines and industries, mobile medium as an element of CRM is rarely taken into consideration. The purpose of this study is twofold. First, to guarantee a coherent discussion about phenomenon, a preliminary conceptualization of mobile customer relationship management (mCRM) is presented. Second, the authors illustrate the underlying issues of the initiation of mCRM. A single case study metho...
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#1Heikki Karjaluoto (University of Oulu)H-Index: 39
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