Pasha Anvari
Iran University of Medical Sciences
OphthalmologySurgeryProspective cohort studyApoptosisOxidative stressRetinaFoveal avascular zoneObjective structured clinical examinationVisual acuityNeovascularizationOptical coherence tomographyArtifact (error)Intraocular lensDiabetic retinopathyRetinal detachmentRetinalPhacoemulsificationVitrectomyEyelidChoroidal neovascularizationNerve fibre layerDiabetic macular edemaOptical coherence tomography angiographyRetinal capillaryClinical skillsIntravitreal bevacizumabEndogenous opioidHealthy subjectsSpectral domainVessel densityMedical educationInternshipMedicineSegmentation
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