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#1Shan Xuan Lim (NUS: National University of Singapore)
#2See Ling Loy (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)H-Index: 14
Last. Yap-Seng Chong (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)H-Index: 58
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Background null Modest associations have been reported between specific food groups or nutrients and fecundability [measured by time to pregnancy (TTP)]. Examining overall diets provides a more holistic approach towards understanding the relationships with fecundability. It is not known if plant-based diets indices or exploratory dietary patterns are associated with fecundability. null Objective null We examine the associations between adherence to 1) plant-based diet indices and 2) exploratory ...
#1Tosha Ashish Kalhan (NUS: National University of Singapore)H-Index: 3
#2Evelyn Xiu Ling Loo (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)H-Index: 10
Last. Bee Wah Lee (NUS: National University of Singapore)H-Index: 52
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Eczema or atopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic relapsing inflammatory skin disease with a peak incidence in the first 2 years of life1 . Physician diagnosis of AD is still problematic as there is variability in diagnosing AD, especially in young children, and validation studies on diagnostic accuracy and criteria of physician diagnosis of AD are lacking. Furthermore, mild to moderate AD is easily controllable with topical treatment, such as moisturizers and corticosteroids 2 , which results in ch...
#1Jonathan Y. Huang (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)H-Index: 9
#2Shirong Cai (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)H-Index: 16
Last. Jerry Kok Yen Chan (Boston Children's Hospital)H-Index: 57
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Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are increasingly used, however little is known about the long-term health of ART-conceived offspring. Weak selection of comparison groups and poorly characterized mechanisms impede current understanding. In a prospective cohort (Growing Up in Singapore Towards healthy Outcomes; GUSTO; Clinical Trials ID: NCT01174875) including 83 ART-conceived and 1095 spontaneously-conceived singletons, we estimate effects of ART on anthropometry, blood pressure, serum m...
#1Neha Sharma (NUS: National University of Singapore)H-Index: 3
#2Oliver C Watkins (NUS: National University of Singapore)H-Index: 4
Last. Shiao-Yng Chan (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)H-Index: 14
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The incidence of preterm birth (PTB), delivery before 37 completed weeks of gestation, is rising in most countries. Several recent small clinical trials of myo-inositol supplementation in pregnancy, which were primarily aimed at preventing gestational diabetes, have suggested an effect on reducing the incidence of PTB as a secondary outcome, highlighting the potential role of myo-inositol as a preventive agent. However, the underlying molecular mechanisms by which myo-inositol might be able to d...
#1Olaf Uhl (LMU: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)H-Index: 17
#2Rohan M. Lewis (University of Southampton)H-Index: 26
Last. Keith M. Godfrey (University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust)H-Index: 97
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The polar-lipid composition of the placenta reflects its cellular heterogeneity and metabolism. This study explored relationships between placental polar-lipid composition, gene expression and neonatal body composition. Placental tissue and maternal and offspring data were collected in the Southampton Women's Survey. Lipid and RNA were extracted from placental tissue and polar lipids measured by mass spectrometry, while gene expression was assessed using the nCounter analysis platform. Principal...
#1Philip Titcombe (University of Southampton)H-Index: 5
#2Robert Murray (University of Southampton)H-Index: 8
Last. Mark A. Hanson (University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust)H-Index: 104
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DNA methylation (DNAm) in mammals is mostly examined within the context of CpG dinucleotides. Non-CpG DNAm is also widespread across the human genome, but the functional relevance, tissue-specific disposition, and inter-individual variability has not been widely studied. Our aim was to examine non-CpG DNAm in the wider methylome across multiple tissues from the same individuals to better understand non-CpG DNAm distribution within different tissues and individuals, and in relation to known genom...
#1Judith Ong (NUS: National University of Singapore)
#2Suresh Anand Sadananthan (Agency for Science, Technology and Research)H-Index: 11
Last. Kok Hian Tan (NUS: National University of Singapore)H-Index: 29
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BACKGROUND Nausea and vomiting of pregnancy (NVP) is common and underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. Longer-term offspring outcomes are also not well documented. This study aimed to determine if NVP, even in milder forms, is associated with adverse pregnancy and childhood growth outcomes. METHODS In the GUSTO prospective mother-offspring cohort, women with singleton pregnancies (n = 1172) recruited in first trimester responded to interviewer-administered questions at 26-28 weeks' gestati...
#1Le Duc Huy Ta (NUS: National University of Singapore)H-Index: 3
#2Carina Jing Xuan Tay (NUS: National University of Singapore)H-Index: 2
Last. Elizabeth Huiwen Tham (University Health System)H-Index: 11
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Exposure to a diverse microbial environment during pregnancy and early postnatal period is important in determining predisposition towards allergy. However, the effect of environmental microbiota exposure on allergy during preconception, pregnancy and postnatal life on development of allergy in the child has not been investigated so far. In the S-PRESTO (Singapore PREconception Study of long Term maternal and child Outcomes) cohort, we collected house dust during all three critical window period...
#1Oliver C Watkins (NUS: National University of Singapore)H-Index: 4
#2Preben Selvam (NUS: National University of Singapore)H-Index: 4
Last. Rohan M. Lewis (University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust)H-Index: 26
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Background null Fetal docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) supply relies on preferential transplacental transfer, which is regulated by placental DHA lipid metabolism. Maternal hyperglycemia and obesity associate with higher birthweight and fetal DHA insufficiency but the role of placental DHA metabolism is unclear. null Methods null Explants from 17 term placenta were incubated with 13C-labeled DHA for 48 h, at 5 or 10 mmol/L glucose treatment, and the production of 17 individual newly synthesized 13C-DH...
#1Hazel Inskip (Southampton General Hospital)H-Index: 80
#2Sarah R Crozier (Southampton General Hospital)H-Index: 49
Last. Keith M. Godfrey (Southampton General Hospital)H-Index: 97
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Estimation of pre-pregnancy weight is difficult because measurements taken before pregnancy are rarely available. No studies have compared various 'proxy' measures using recalled weight or based on early pregnancy weight with actual measurements of pre-pregnancy weight. The Southampton Women's Survey recruited women during 1998-2002 who were not pregnant. Data on 198 women with an estimated date of conception within 3 months of recruitment were analysed. Three proxy measures were considered: (1)...
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