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Multitouch experiment instructions (MEIs), implemented as interactive eBooks, are learning tools for pupils that offer various digital support tools and enable pupils to individualize their learnin...
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Although self-regulated learning (SRL) is seen as highly relevant for successful college learning, college students oftentimes show a lack in SRL abilities. Therefore, it seems necessary to foster SRL in this group of leaners. In order to evaluate such training and to foster SRL in an optimal way, a valid assessment of this competence and its development is necessary. As different methods for the assessment of SRL show benefits and points of criticism, the present study used a multimethod approa...
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Abstract null null The main aim of this study was to analyze if the relationship between students with special educational needs (SEN), especially students with ‘emotional needs’, and the high burnout rates of teachers is moderated by teacher self-efficacy (TSE). The moderated regression analyses did not reveal significant interaction effects, but we found, for instance, a strong relationship between depersonalization and number of students with SEN and replicated the negative relationship betwe...
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In context of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), the range of experiments offered by the Schulerlabor NanoBioLab at Saarland University was expanded to include an experiment on the topic of water analysis, which provided the basis of the intervention. In addition to the analogue experiment instruction, there is a digital version which is presented as a Multitouch Experiment Instruction (MEI). MEIs are digitally enriched, interactive experiment instructions that accompany the cognitive ...
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ABSTRACTThe aim of the reported study is to evaluate the effectiveness of different intervention approaches to promote the self-regulated learning behaviour of preschoolers. The conception of an in...
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Self-regulated learning (SRL) is important for a person's school career and their later academic success, and it should therefore be fostered as early as possible. Nevertheless, research focusing on the promotion of SRL in preschoolers is limited. The present study aims to examine the efficacy of an SRL intervention based on a longitudinal control-group-design for preschoolers (direct-level intervention) and their kindergarten teachers (indirect-level intervention). The SRL intervention took pla...
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Multitouch Experiment Instructions (MEI) are interactive multimedia eBooks as a full-digital or Augmented Reality (AR) Instructions as a digital-augmented material for the individual promotion of learning while experimenting in chemistry lessons. They provide a digitized experimental instruction, which is made to support both cognitive weak and strong pupils in the sense of individualization. The aim of the MEI project is to improve pupil’s self-regulated learning using a digitized experimental ...
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Multitouch Learning Books (short: MLB) are digital interactive E-Books that can be used in class enriched with individual tools. Due to their multifunctionality, they offer an excellent framework for integrating further didactic functions exceeding the role of a learning companion. In this study a Multitouch Learning Book was developed which contains all three didactic functions of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). The MLB provides the digital framework for the series of lessons an...
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Das vorliegende Kapitel gibt einen Uberblick uber selbstreguliertes Lernen und dessen Bedeutung in Bezug auf technologiebasierte Bildungsmedien. Es wird dargelegt, dass selbstreguliertes Lernen die effektive Nutzung technologiebasierter Bildungsmedien unterstutzen kann, da der Lernende die Anforderungen durch die Anwendung geeigneter kognitiver, metakognitiver und motivationaler Lernstrategien systematisieren und strukturieren kann. Daruber hinaus wird erlautert, wie technologiebasierte Bildungs...