Muayad Sadik Croock
University of Technology, Iraq
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Cyber-Physical System (CPS) is a modern technology in the cyber world, and it integrates with Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). This system is widely used in many applications such as a smart city, greenhouse, healthcare, power grid...etc. Therefore, the data security and integrity are necessary to ensure the highest level of protection and performance for such systems. In this paper, two sides security system for cyber-physical level is proposed to obtain security, privacy, and integrity. Hw first...
Deep learning technology is widely used for computer vision and machine learning in the last few years, especially in the Convolution Neural Networks area.CNN has achieved impressive results in different classification tasks that can reliably identify the corresponded objects. In this paper, a multiclass classification model established using deep CNN to classify the license plate for three countries (Armenia, Belarus, Hungary) with the dataset of 600 images as 200 images for each class (160 for...
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Nowadays, the E-payment systems have been considered to be the safe way of money transfer in most of modern institutes and companies. Moreover, the security is important side of these systems to ensure that the money transfer is done safely. Software engineering techniques are used for guaranteeing the applying of security and privacy of such systems. In this paper, a secure E-payment system is proposed based on software engineering model and neural network technology. This system uses different...
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Today, the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) plays an important rolein our daily life. In addition, it is used in many applications such a smilitary, medical, greenhouse ... etc. Due to the sending data between its nodes or to the base station requires a connection link, the sensor nodes can be exposed to the many attacks that exploit the weaknesses of the network. One of the most important types of these attacks is the Denial of Service (DoS). DoS attack exhausts the system's resources that lead th...
Nowadays, the selection of the optimum path in Mobile Ad- hoc Networks (MANETS) is being an important issue that should be solved smartly. In this paper, an optimal path selection method is proposed for MANET using the Lagrange Multiplier approach. The optimization problem considers the objective function of maximizing bit rate, under the constraints of minimizing the packet loss, and latency. The obtained simulation results show that the proposed Lagrange Optimization of Rate, Delay, and Packet...
A type of distributed and self-regulating network is the wireless sensor network (WSN). The sensor nodes have limited computing capabilities, memory, battery power are needed to ensure a strong security design. In this paper, an adaptive cryptographic scheme for WSN that is operating on routing ad hoc on-demand vector routing (AODV) protocol. The adaptive term refers to the adopted mechanism between heavy and light asymmetric cryptography techniques of RSA. The heavy technique adopts the complet...
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Recently, the generation of security keys has been considered for guaranteeing the strongest of them in terms of randomness. In addition, the software engineering methodologies are adopted to ensure the mentioned goal is reached. In this paper, an adaptive key generation algorithm is proposed based on software engineering techniques. The adopted software engineering technique is self-checking process, used for detecting the fault in the underlying systems. This technique checks the generated sec...