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Studies based on online textual data are increasingly used in the hospitality sector to gain better consumer insights. Using text mining of TripAdvisor reviews and mapping it to hard and soft attri...
Visual brand identity plays a major role in communicating brand image in today’s cluttered marketing environment. Although studies related to brand identity elements have explored the effects of its individual elements such as logo, brand name, taglines, their holistic impact has not been fully investigated. Extending the design principles of biomorphism (which is imitating natural or nature-related attributes) from environmental psychology and architecture, we introduce a new holistic concept c...
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Recent studies suggest that brand awareness and brand image do not directly influence future purchases and brand knowledge alone is not sufficient for building strong brands. Keller’s reflections, particularly pointing to a small group of highly engaged customers, call for a rethink on brand equity in the light of a fast-developing digital world. Research also indicate that in a sharing economy, there is a transformation of customer identity and identification with brand communities leads to pos...
Abstract Purpose Considering recent changes in sales practices, such as the sales role becoming more strategic, increased reliance on technology for sales activities, increased stress from adding technological responsibilities to the sales role and decreased avenues of social support (such as traditional forms of community) to cope with work-related stressors, there is a need to reconsider Verbeke et al.’s (2011) classification scheme of determinants of sales performance, which was based on lite...
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This paper aims to introduce the concept of biomorphism (i.e. indirect experience of nature) in servicescape designs and validates its impact on consumer responses. Using the stimulus-organism-response (S-O-R) framework, this study explores the relationship between biomorphic servicescape designs and the servicescape preference. Further, it explains how biomorphic designs can help users to get better connected with the servicescapes by introducing the mediating role of attention restoration and ...
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#1Keyoor Purani (Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode)H-Index: 9
In 2011, Samjad, deputy CEO of Maledia Broadcasting Limited (MBL)—a new venture of the media group Maledia, based in Cochin, India—prepared to make financial projections to justify the feasibility ...
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Although internet banking is considered a mature technology, digital failures and breakdowns have resulted in widespread customer dissatisfaction. However, recent examples in developed countries show that customer dissatisfaction with internet banking platforms does not necessarily erode customer loyalty. While this could be due to the strong assurance provided by institutional structures that govern the internet usage, it is not known if similar results can be found in emerging markets where in...
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Messaging through mobile apps has become the most preferred communication method in recent times. Messaging apps have surpassed social networking apps in monthly active users. This changing digital behavior of consumers is shaping mobile messaging apps as a new face of social media and thus presenting huge opportunity for brands to leverage this new media platform. This paper attempts to explain the mobile phone-based messaging, analyses alternative mobile messaging platforms and opportunities f...
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