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OBJECTIVE To test the spinal cord injury adjustment model (SCIAM) by examining whether primary appraisals (threat or loss) and coping strategies (approach-oriented and denial) sequentially mediate the impact of functional independence, psychological resources, and social support on depressive and anxiety symptoms among individuals with spinal cord injury during inpatient rehabilitation. METHOD Path analyses of longitudinal data from a Swiss inception cohort study (N = 207). Models were implement...
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This piece is meant to help you understand and master two-level linear modeling in an accessible, swift, and fun way (while being based on rigorous and up-to-date research). It is divided into four parts: null null PART 1 presents the three key principles of two-level linear modeling. null PART 2 presents a three-step procedure for conducting two-level linear modeling using SPSS, Stata, R, or Mplus (from centering variables to interpreting the cross-level interactions). null PART 3 presents the ...
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In this study, we analyze the evolution of the protests after the election of the Venezuelan Constitutional Assembly in 2017. We adopt the idea of a social conflict over diverging opinions about ho...
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Last. Claudio PeterH-Index: 13
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OBJECTIVE Chronic health conditions (CHC) can have severe impacts on an individual's life, affecting well-being and mental health. Nonetheless, individuals can show different response patterns of psychological adaptation following a CHC onset. This study aimed to identify profiles of subjective well-being (SWB) at 1 year before (T - 1), 1 year after (T + 1), and 4 years after (T + 4) the onset of a physical CHC using seven indicators (health satisfaction, life satisfaction, energy, joy, worry, s...
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Youths are particularly at risk of experiencing sexual victimization but research tends to focus on the most violent forms (i.e. rape or child sexual abuse) and on female cases. This study aimed at identifying factors associated to different types of unwanted sexual experiences (USE) among young females and males as well as estimating probabilities of experiencing sexual victimization among gender. Data were drawn from a cross-sectional survey on sexual health and behaviors using a nationally re...
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Last. Pasqualina Perrig-ChielloH-Index: 17
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AbstractObjectives: In 2015 we identified three profiles of adaptation following spousal bereavement: Vulnerables; Copers and Resilients (Spahni, Morselli, Perrig-Chiello, & Bennett, 2015). However...
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