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The paper presents the development of 5-point Likert scale for measuring attitudes towards cause-related marketing, as well as its application on a sample of Croatian consumers. The results of the research show that respondents are familiar with cause-related marketing and regard it as a good investment in the community. They see cause-related marketing campaigns as a good communication tool; they find a cause to be relevant for their personal involvement in campaigns, although the match between...
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There were different understandings of cause-related marketing in the past. It has been described as a form of horizontal cooperative sales promotion, a tie-in between corporate philanthropy and sales promotion, synonymous with corporate sponsorship of charitable causes, the initiation and funding of deserving causes, or as marketing activities that are characterized by an offer from the firm to contribute a specified amount to a designated cause when customers engage in revenue-providing exchan...
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Although Adkins (1999: 9) states that some solitary examples of commercial cooperation between enterprises and non-profit organizations can be found at the end of the nicneteenth century, and Husted and Whitehouse (2002: 5) confirm that McDonald’s organized a locally run campaign of that type in 1974, the majority of the researchers (i.e. Adkins (1999: 15), Andreasen (1996: 4), and Varadarajan and Menon (1988: 59)) agreed in 1983 American Express was the first company that managed a cause-relate...
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